Facebook Libra: The Hunt for More Blockchain Talents

Facebook Libra

Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra has dominated the crypto space in the past few days after the release of its Whitepaper.

It appears that Facebook is also accelerating the development of Calibra wallet with its aggressive recruitment process.

Vacancy for A Data Manager

The Social Media Giants announced on its official blog a  vacancy for a Data Manager that will work on its Calibra wallet.

According to the description in the job posting, Facebook is searching for an experienced analytical leader who can use data to generate ideas, determine the future direction of the wallet and measure the success of the product.

Calibra is the name of the crypto wallet that would be developed on the  Libra blockchain.

The Data Manager Would Determine The Course Of Action For Calibra WalletThe new role will require the new employee to analyze how customers use the application based on data obtained from the Facebook database. The Data manager would also be responsible for managing the service level agreements.

The job specification also provides specific information about Facebook’s plans for the future and development of Calibra. This includes banking and financial services.

The wallet will be the delivery vehicle for many financial services and personal payments, but it expand to online and offline commerce. Down the line, this would include loans and personal financial management.

“We are very focused on the mission of creating opportunities for the billions of people around the world who are excluded or who are neglected by the main financial service providers.”

More Positions to Be Filled

Facebook continues to recruit with more than a dozen jobs available for blockchain analysts and developers.This marks the second position announced by Facebook in less than a week.

Last Friday, the tech giant had announced that it was in search of a financial programs manager to lead and execute global and multifunctional financial projects.

The company’s  job portal lists more than two dozen jobs related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

This development is interpreted by many crypto analysts as the tech giant’s effort to expand its team working on the Libra coin project.

With the release of light version of Libra’s whitepaper announcement, many cryptoanalysts and other industry experts have expressed concern over the handling of user data by Facebook.

It would be interesting to see how this works out in the coming months.

Author: Olowoporoku Adeniyi

cryptocurrency evangelist with five years experience in the blockchain industry

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