FortuneJack – When Gambling Houses Won’t Pay Winnings


One of the reasons gambling houses make lots of profit is that gambling is addictive. In essence people mostly spend money on stakes because they are used to it. The houses thrive because they are the main winners.

Most reputable gambling houses pay winnings promptly. FortuneJack is one of the prominent bitcoin gaming companies and it is generally expected that a company this big would strive to protect its reputation but does it?

In this post, we shall look at some of the complaints against FortuneJack and what the company is doing to protect its interests despite these.

What is FortuneJack?

According to the site, this bitcoin gambling platform has been in operation for 20 years. The company stated that it has built one of the largest portfolios within some of Eastern Europe’s leading casinos.

The platform boasts that it has some of the best software management professionals manning its platforms in their quest to give users the best gaming experience they could get on the internet.

Massive Promotionals

I encountered FortuneJack during some of their promotional activities and the company struck me as one that spends a lot of money on marketing and publicity.

It also creates impression of professional management. So users of the platform generally feel that it is safe to use and would pay them if they win any games.

Although most users of FortuneJack seem not to have any complaints, there are others that have raised concerns that the company may intentionally withhold paying winnings.

Changing the Rules During the Game

A FortuneJack user with username Cozyaf complained that the company refused to pay him after he won some games. In his words he said,

“Fortunejack simply canceled a winning bet I made without giving me a reason. I was betting on Lightning Roulette and the number rolled, I won.”

Expecting to see his payment, he rather got a message from the platform saying that his bet was not made on time. He contacted the FortuneJack support but was ignored. After several attempts to reach out to the owners he made it public that FortuneJack are turning down winnings.

A Cryptoinfowatch investigation found out that there was no basis for a gambling house to turn down wins after a game has been played. Other users who had similar experience acknowledged that cancellation of games were only for those that the players won.

Refund Instead of Payment of Winning

fortunejackFortuneJack later offered to refund Cozyaf after his complaint was made public. We wonder why the company would refund players who won games instead of living up to their terms of service.

If a bet was not made on time as FortuneJack claimed, that was a reason to cancel before the player played not after. Cancellation of winning games and not those lost is unethical and unprofessional and shows cheating intent.

Malboroza, a comment on BTT summarized the issues this way:

“I am curious about this. How does player make bet, casino accept bet, player win and after that they didn’t bet on time?
There should be warning message before player places bet or something like “bets are closed, wait for new round”.
Did they cancel losing bets too (I assume you had some losing bets)?”

Clearly what FortuneJack has done is get paid for the losses and cancel the winnings. When investigation was ongoing on the conduct of FortuneJack on the issue, the company came up with the lame statement:

“Your bet was canceled because our providers stopped it.
We are still waiting for their response and will update you as soon as possible.”

It became imperative to understand the relationship between FortuneJack and its providers. Would a provider arbitrarily cancel winning games while getting paid when the player lost? It is unlikely. Until now, we’ve not gotten the feedback from FJ provider.

Deleting Game History

Investigations show that FortuneJack deletes that game history for any winnings they refuse payments. The company’s support also responds after the user has reported to scam investigating sites such as Cryptoinfowatch. This is an indication of blatant scam.

Although FortuneJack is one of the well-known bitcoin gaming sites, their crooked activities is a pointer that the company is bent on making profit at all costs even if it means cheating the players.

Blaming Providers?

FortuneJack initially stated that the providers were to be blamed for the cancellations. The gamer contacted the support after a week asking for the provider’s email address but got a surprise when the agent said that they didn’t have the email after cross-checking.

This same support earlier stated that they couldn’t find anything wrong with the cancelled bets. It seems that the company pays when it feels it is convenient and cancels winnings when it thinks it can get away with it.

The user that reported the irregularity seen with FortuneJack said that the company had returned the money he played with. This is not enough. We want to see gaming houses, even those that operate online show that they are trustworthy and not just another channel through which scammers steal from users.

Is FortuneJack a scam?

It is not yet clear if this is an intentional policy. Deleting game history of the players affected and the fact that the company support never responded to queries when the cases hadn’t been reported shows that trusting this platform with your funds is risky.

Terms of Service

In its ToS, FortuneJack stated that,

“The term “Games” shall mean Casino and other games as made available by us, whereas “Services” means betting offers made available by us. Games and Services may be added, removed or changed at our sole discretion.”

This does not in any way imply that played and won game could be cancelled. The onus rests on FJ to prove that it has not been randomly scamming its users by paying winnings only when they are convenient.


Until the company comes up with genuine reasons why its provider cancels or refused to pay winnings, FortuneJack is declared a tentative scam.

What is your experience with FortuneJack? Send in your comment below. Check this investment for a better recommendation instead of throwing your coins away on gambling sites.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

1 thought on “FortuneJack – When Gambling Houses Won’t Pay Winnings

  1. I can assure you that FortuneJack is no scam – they have been good on their word with me when it came to payment. My roommates and I had played their LIVE XPG Dragon Tiger, winning upwards of a total of $160k in a matter of 4-5 days. Each morning we would withdraw our individual winnings of $15k that we made the previous day playing. At first, FortuneJack paid out promptly. However, it wasn’t until the 3rd withdraw for $13k that they had to investigate my winnings. It took about 4 days before they released my money. There after I had no trouble withdrawing, nor did my roommates. I did however, receive a bit of a harsh email that turned into a little bit of arguing (I don’t remember over what I’d have to refer back to my saved inbox). In after about a week, they got rid of the game lol. In conclusion, FortuneJack is no scam and they were good on payouts except for that hiccup but it was understandable and shows that they were trying to protect both the player’s account from unauthorized withdraws and also protect their investors from being “fam-boo-zald”.

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