Free Cryptocurrency Mining Possible As Asus Collaborates With Quantumcloud

free cryptocurrency mining

Asus, the Taiwanese tech giant has announced a partnership with Quantumcloud that would make free cryptocurrency mining possible for gamers using their excess computing power.

The gaming and tech company stated that the graphic card of the gaming hardware can be harnessed by users to make some profit with the new innovation.

The process of earning what the company called “passive income” is leveraging the graphic cards of their Asus gamers when these are not being put to use. The partnership with Quantumcloud utilizes the reserve GPUs to mine various digital currencies that would benefit the owners especially when the GPUs are not in use for PC-related functions.

The release said that under the arrangement, users will be made to benefit from the expertise of Quantumcloud as a cloudmining company. This is accomplished by pooling the collective computing power of all contributing Asus GPUs and paying contributors based on the percentage of computing power they contributed.

The statement found on the website of Quantumcloud stated that idle GPUs of gamers will be the source of the mining activities as agreed by the owners. It also assured contributing participants that their privacy and financial data shall be protected under the relevant General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Participants Paid According to GPU Mining Ability

Quantumcloud is a leading cloudmining entity that pays contributors or GPU power based on how effective their processors are in the mining activities.

The collaboration with Asus, one of the leading manufacturers of graphic cards will benefit gamers in terms of free cryptocurrency mining as the two companies are eminently fitted to collaborate in GPU mining space.

The arrangement will allow users to anonymously contribute processing power of their Asus graphic card which are high end equipments that are appropriate for ASIC resistant mining processes such as applicable with most altcoins such as Monero.

The large user-base of the collaborating company is also an added advantage as cloudmining requires large pools to gain advantage over individual mining. Users can also log in and participate using their WeChat or Paypal accounts and get paid directly if they desire fiat payments.

The company added that they have also been able to integrate fiat transfers, cryptocurrency mining mix, digital wallet management, and currency conversions into the back-end of their software.

There Are No Guarantees of Profit

The company however does not guarantee participants that they will make profits,

“Earning rates may change based on the performance of the cryptocurrency market and cannot be guaranteed or influenced in any way by Quantumcloud.”

Mining cryptocurrencies has becoming an interesting past-time in recent times. Most miners prefer joining mining pools to increase their odds of making profit as it becomes increasingly difficult for individual miners to make profit.

The more popular Bitcoin has become practically impossible to mine at such solitary levels. This is why it has become the exclusive preserve of big mining firms with the financial clout to buy expensive specialized mining hardware such as Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

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