Girali Bitcoin Investment -Will You Make Money With This Site?

Girali Bitcoin Doubler And Investment Review

You may not be aware that there are scripts that give people the impression that they can easily double their bitcoins. Girali is one of the sites that you may have encountered and you’re ready to stake some of your coins on the site with the hope that you would earn quick profits.

If you’re among those that the site has already enticed, this review will help you. Before we commence, it is important that you know a few things about Bitcoin before assessing the prospects of making profits such as is being proposed by Girali.

What is Girali?


This is a Bitcoin investment scheme that promises to pay the investor an interest every 100 hours. This makes it attractive for people who want to make quick gains, despite the fact that schemes such as this are very risky. Some of the risks associated with them is that despite the claims, it is possible for the site not to pay since there is no guarantee that it can actually generate the funds needed to pay all the investors.

Even though it claims that:

All cryptocurrencies associated with Girali investment accounts have a socialmedia-colateral.

Furthermore, Originators of Girali commit to providing a Buyback Guarantee where, if a repayment enters a delay exceeding 100 hours, a re-purchase is executed. This involves a purchase of the debt at full value at the current date.

Who is Behind Girali?

The site was registered on November 24, 2021. This means that it is a new investment site that is still making an effort to generate traffic and customers. There is no mention of the owner of the scheme.

However, what we found out is that it is operating from out of India. It’s address was given as Rajasthan 306704, India. Even though there is no street address, what we know is that what the owner provided is a general address of an Indian city. This could be a fake address as far as we know.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is essentially a digital currency. The very first one that enables people to send and receive value. The value of BTC has appreciated over time. This is the main reason why it has become a source of intrigue among many players in the crypto space. This is especially those that are malicious.

So it is important that if you hold digital currencies such as Bitcoin, that you store them safely and avoid investing in shady investment opportunities such as what is being presented to you by projects and sites that promise that you would earn a lot of money for doing nothing.

What is Bitcoin Doubler?

Doublers such as Girali target people who know little or nothing about the coin technology. This is based on the fact that people who are not informed actually believe that they can generate bitcoins from thin air.

Doublers were very popular about a decade ago when they mostly asked people to supply their bitcoin addresses and pretended that they had generated some bitcoins. They then asked the person to pay for the transaction fee to have the coin deposited in their wallet. It is a ruse used to steal bitcoin funds in the guise of a “transaction fee”.

Are Doublers Real?

Doublers such as Girali are not genuine ways of earning or generating bitcoins. In fact, it is impossible to generate BTC without actually mining them. Mining is energy intensive and no mining company would encourage you to make a deposit to become an investor in their mining operation.

What is Girali Doing?

Girali is basically a ponzi scheme that is interested in generating funds from the visitors to the site. These visitors are asked to invest by sending BTC to the wallet address provided on the homepage.

They are now encouraged to become affiliates by recruiting new investors who are also encouraged to invite other investors. The objective of the entity or persons behind this scheme is to get as many investors as possible. They may pay a few of the depositors so that the scheme goes viral. This would ensure that more deposits are coming in than the withdrawals or payouts made by the site.


All Bitcoin generators are scams. What Girali has done is to modify its generator to incorporate an affiliate program. This is essentially a ponzi scheme that is programmed to pay the early investors with the funds generated from later deposits.

The scheme collapses when the site is unable to generate enough leads of depositors. It may also become an exit scam when the persons behind it are satisfied that they have made enough profits from the users of the site.

Most Bitcoin investment sites are scams. It is best to avoid them. There are better ways of investing your cryptocurrencies such as staking or trading. Here is the site that we recommend for investors.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.