Gitcoin Announces Money Legos Hackathon Until August 23

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Gitcoin, “where the world’s leading web3 projects are born, validated & funded” has announced a hackathon for web 3 developers titled, “Money Legos Hackathon” scheduled from Monday, August 8 – 23.

According to the release by the platform, the event creates an opportunity for developers and builders in the decentralized finance space to ‘defi’ convention and build decentralized protocols that give the control of money back to the masses.

A Decentralized Future

The release said that the program is open to developers across the globe who can access the virtual events irrespective of their locations. The essence is to “help build a decentralized future”.

The event update stated:

“We’re inviting the best of the world’s Web3 companies to join us in reimagining everything from insurance to lending and even invent new ways to put money to work, while accelerating the growth of the developer ecosystem and beyond.”

It called for support from the industry adding that sponsors of the program have provided exciting bounties and rewards. The hackathon also features workshops and community engagements meant for educational purposes. The highlight is encouraging participants in the need and benefits of building the future on Web 3.

Joining The Hackathon

According to the update, to participate, the developers would have to

  • Join the Gitcoin Discord
  • Go to #start-here and select “Hackathons & Events” role
  • Participate in Workshops & AMAs (stay tuned for the schedule!)
  • Express interest in bounties by clicking the “Start Work” button
  • Submit your work in the bounty by clicking “Stop Work” and “Submit Work”

There are 10 bounty categories, each of which would reward the winners. The bounties range from $300 to $36,400.

Categories such as peer-to-peer finance and lending protocols will reward the winners with $36,400 worth of TZX tokens. Shorter finance will be rewarded in IPISTR valued at $22,500. Other protocols involved in the bounty program are Alchemix Finance, the sponsors of Self Repaying Money Legos ($15k bounty), Gas Token Swap by BCNMY, $3000 reward and others.




Author: Jofor Humani

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