GlobalFX Investments – Why Would They Share Profit With You?

Global FX Investments

Getting sites offering high yield investment is easy as we shall see in this Global FX Investments review. What is not so easy is actually getting your hands on all that profit as promised and getting them consistently.

This is why it is important that you go through as many reviews as you can lay hands on in your quest to make profit. Also know that any site that tells you that you’ll make money easily is likely a scam.

One fact many investors are not aware of is that there are so many people whose objective is to lay hands on the money of others, not for mutual benefit but to steal them. We could understand this from daily reports of people getting ripped off or completely losing their money.

What is Global FX Investments?

Global FX InvestmentsThis is a company that was founded in 2014 according to records seen with the Australian ASIC, which is the agency in charge of business registration in the country.

The site claims that the company is a leading brand providing services to investors globally.

With offices located in three countries, Global FX Investments provides long and short term investment options for its clients.

According to the site, the company’s objective is to help their clients succeed through the use of sustainable investment programs.

Other aims is to help finance the clients vision and business thereby giving them the confidence they need in realizing their abilities to boost profits in their investments.

According to the site:

“Our work is always intended to provide a clear benefit to all our clients in both the short and long term investments. We focus our resources, leverage our global scale, and drive excellence in all we do while enhancing our partner-like culture to ensure profits on all sectors of our company.”

Would You trust This Company?

The first sign that this is not a reliable company is the ROI they promise.  On their investment page, you would see a Daily Cryptocurrency Trading notice which asks the investor to “click here to begin”.

Interestingly, the site promises a profit of 3 percent daily. This is quite unreliable since no trader can guarantee you that sort of profit. The only conclusion we reached on this is that you are dealing with a HYIP with this site.

Global FX InvestmentsIt is a common practice among ponzi schemes to lure investors with promises of huge profit. Sites such as this have several strategies with which they make you lose your money.

No Risk Guarantees Are Scams

Before we look at these, let us take a cue from the Securities and Exchange Commission website that alerts investors on the warning signs to look out for while investing. According to SEC:

 “In some cases, the fraudsters claim to invest customers’ funds in proprietary crypto trading systems or in “mining” farms.  The fraudsters promise high guaranteed returns (for example, 20-50%) with little or no risk.”

Judging the Global FX Investments from the SEC guideline for identifying scams, it is obvious that the company can be classified as a scam since it is promising returns that is very unrealistic.

At 3 percent daily, it means that they’re luring potential investors with the promise that they could pay them 90 percent interest in just a month.

In other words, Global FX Investments are saying they could help you double your funds in a month. How possible is that? You must realize that fraudsters mostly leverage on greed to steal people’s money so you should beware of sites such as this.

Global FX Investments

How Fraud Sites Operate

Now let us look at the possible strategies employed by sites such as this to deceive the investor.

Ponzi: They could pay older investors with the funds provided by the new ones. This means that if you made a deposit of $1000, you could receive $90 in the first month and another $90 the second month, you would probably be convinced that you’re onto a good investment and even help them by bringing in your friends who also make deposits.

Ponzi schemes grow in this way by having older investors bring in new ones whose money is used to pay the old ones. The ponzi operators may pay the older investors for a few months before they stop paying them. This means that if they paid you for 3 months, you got back $270 but lost $730.

What of your friends? Some of them may have lost more. There might even be some that invested $5000 but would never get a dime before the site turns another exit scam. This is why you must never invest in or encourage others to invest in any random site promising a pie in the sky kind of profit.

Advance Fee Fraud: Another strategy employed by scam sites is asking you to make another deposit when it’s time to make a withdrawal. They do this to double their gains and cause you more losses. No reputable investment site would ask you to pay more before getting paid what they owe you.

Stealing Big Funds: There is another strategy in which investors who made smaller deposits are paid the promised returns. This may cause them to deposit bigger sums which are stolen by the fraudsters.

People’s Experience

Here’s the review submitted by a user on another site,

“I have also been investing with Global FX. They are not making my payout and will longer reply to me. Can you tell me how you could recover your money?”

A second user said they withdrew twice after being lured in through the site’s Facebook page:

“[I] lost money and I can’t get it back, I was scammed through Facebook , [the] group disappeared, [I made] only two times [sic] withdrawals for $800 but the [my] loss is much bigger.”

We also came across some positive reviews which are most certainly sponsored or written by the anonymous owner of the site. Now why would you send funds to a site operated by unknown people? That means you’re hoping on chance that things may work out well.


Well… you’ll most likely miss a shot in the dark. That is why the SEC advises that you invest with regulated, researched and dependable sites. You may check here for our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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