Globexglobal Fakes Global Exchange As Scammers Soar With Eagles

When someone sent me an email saying he was scammed by Global Exchange (GoEx), I was keen to know how. The reason is that the exchange seems kind of reputable and hardly one that should be involved in such scams, but you never know. On a closer investigation, I noticed that this is a faked Global Exchange.

Posing As Global Exchange

The name of the scam domain is but they cleverly used the name Global Exchange in describing their site enabling them to gain some of the traffic meant for the authentic site.

This is a common trick employed by scammers to fool people into thinking that they are dealing with the real site. This is one reason why you should crosscheck any sites you are dealing with to make sure that it is the same domain rendered in the browser.

Globexglobal Fakes Global Exchange

Even though the scam site bears the name Global Exchange, its domain and what you’ll observe on your browser when you’re on the site is This is the scam site to avoid. It gets really complicating when scammers associate their disrepute with reputable companies just to deceive people searching for genuine businesses.

What is Global Exchange (

One of the features of this scam site is a crypto ticker that displays the price of various coins. The scrolling ticker was intentionally placed by the scammers to give potential victims the impression that this is a busy site that is up-to-date on the crypto market.

Below the name “Global Exchange” is “Global Exchange Group of Company [sic]”.

Even though legitimate sites sometimes make mistakes, this grammatical error in a supposed investment site should ring an alarm bell to every potential investor. More so, one critical error by investors is investing in sites that they have not researched thoroughly.

There are many scam sites online and thousands launched daily. This is why you should be very careful before parting with your funds on any site.

The description the site gave on its activities is

“Global Exchange is a Trusted, Fast and Reliable International Crypto-Exchange Online Company with More than 10,000 Members and Clients all Over the World. We Would be Glad to Serve You.”

False Claims By The Fake Global Exchange

Like many scam sites, the scammers behind Globexglobal used many false claims in their quest to convince visitors to the site that it is a legitimate business. One of these is a supposed latest payout page in which they posted false and random transactions from block explorer.

A close examination of these transactions shows that they neither originate nor terminate from the same wallet. Crypto fraudsters seem aware that few investors would care to make serious verifications so they call your bluff that they actually make payments just to convince you to trust them.

Globexglobal Fakes Global Exchange

High Yield Investments Entice People

By the way, why should you trust a random stranger on the internet just because they could set up a website, even a poorly set up site like Global Exchange (Globex Global) is a very nasty scam that has been persuading people they could earn high interests by investing with them.

The site claims that it is involved in fund transfer services. There is no legitimate business capable of offering high interests such as what Globex Global claims. Every high yield investment site has the intention to entice people with guarantee of high income and steal their funds.

Learn From Zyg

You should learn from the experience of an investor, Zyg who lost $1000 to the Globex Global scam:

“One Facebook guy introduced me to join Investment Company called “Global Exchange (GOEX). He said that the company pays once per month, he sent me payout proofs, so I got interested to invest…

So on December 12, 2018 I invested $50 at first and chose the bonus offer, after 20 days I was shocked when I got email that I am now on Diamond Plan of $2500 and needs to pay $450. After 30 days I decided to complete investment with $450, so I invested (another $450 on January 13, 2019.

I invited 3 friends and I even opened a Facebook group for GOEX Global Exchange. My 3 friends invested, $200, $500 and $50, so I received commission from each, $20, $50, $5. That tricked me and I thought ‘Oh wow … great company…. nope!!’”

Zyg brought in three of his friend thinking this was a legitimate business because his account on the fake site gave him the notion that he would withdraw $2,500 after 30 days. Down the line he got another email from the site.

Compelled To Invest More

“ Take note that all further withdrawal in the company will now be made in algorithms of 1+1=2.
Whereby every partner must have a pending investment in the company. This means has been taking for the health and sustainability of the company, in order to properly detect multiple account holder whom are making multiple claim on withdrawal without further reinvestment.”

Despite his misgivings, he invested another $500 so avoid losing $2,500 payment. But the scammers were not done. 

Fake Debit Card

Globexglobal Fakes Global Exchange Zyg later got another email in which the Globex Global operators told him he could get a Swiftcoin Debit Card preloaded with $6,300. This time he was wiser so he crosschecked with MasterCard on the authenticity of SwiftCoin and was told that it is a fake card.

Not just Zyg lost his funds, his three friends and many others are losing their funds to scammers of Globex Global because there are many that believe in the easy money. You should bear in mind that if it is too good to be true then it isn’t.

Globexglobal Fakes Global Exchange

The Clues Are There

According to the Globex Global site, the company is located at:

985 US highway, North Janesville, WI USA 33945. A Google search shows that his address doesn’t exist anywhere. This is one clue that investors should look out for in scam sites like this. Even if the address is real, bear in mind that it costs scammers nothing using any address they want.

Whois search shows that the domain was registered on October 5, 2018 but the owners have used services provided by PDR Limited to hide their identity.


In conclusion, Globex Global may have stolen the name of Global Exchange, this should not deceive any investor that conducts due diligence. Always invest your funds with reputable companies that have built online reputation. Quit believing in the no work, make money concept.

Check this recommendation for a safer investment. For your views on Global Exchange ( please send in your views through the comment box.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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