Gold Axis Limited – Just Call It Profits And Loans

Businesses have been known to innovate by looking at what others in similar business do and improving on it. This is applicable in every field and we shall look at what one site Gold Axis is doing differently from others.

In reviewing sites, we try to give our readers information that would enable them make informed decisions on these investment sites. You may be aware that since cryptocurrencies became popular, the prospect to make or lose money through them has also magnified.

Scammers have also taken advantage of the fact that it is much easier to transfer value from any part of the world without the previous limitations due to national governments’ policies.

What is Gold Axis?

Gold Axis

Gold Axis is a trading company that combines the experience and expertise of many traders to make gains. The company is pooling funds from its investors in a bid to make more profit which it said would be distributed to all the investors.

According to the site, the business has a number of investment options from which its investors could make profit from being confident that their funds are safe. The company has been registered in the UK and gives all participants the opportunity to be in profit in a short time.

Its analytical tools make it possible for the traders to consistently be in profit as seen from the site:

“The use of such analytical materials allows traders to correct in time the strategy of trading for implementation of maximum results. Investment in the cryptocurrency market is a profitable business that is accessible to everyone. As of today, such activity is one of the most reliable methods of receiving a stable income.”

Is This Site Trustworthy?

It is easy to make claims but in practice, what we have seen is that most of the sites that claim they have found the automatic means of making consistent profit always fall short of expectations.

The reason is that there is no investment that is foolproof. Neither is it possible to consistently make gains that guarantee that high payouts are maintained. We did a background check to ascertain what is happening behind the scene and concluded that buyers should beware of this site for reasons that shall be discussed subsequently.

695 Days Online

According to the site, these are the number of days that Gold Axis has operated as an investment site. This would have been impressive if it is true but it’s not. A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on August 23, 2019.

Gold AxisThis means that the site is actually less than 70 days old but the owners in a bid tocreate the impression that it is an old site that has faithfully paid out profits backdated the age of the business.

This is a dishonest practice that is common with scam sites and another pointer that this is not a site that you should depend on.

Low Quality Content

One of the red flags that give away sites that do not have good reputation is the quality of content in it. A site which does not have well-written content and doesn’t know about it is clearly not backed by professionals.

You can see that the SEC website warned about investment sites with poorly scripted content. Undetected or ignored grammatical and typographical errors are indications that the people behind a site are sloppy or just incompetent.

This is what could be observed with the Gold Axis site as was seen with content such as:

“The appearance of cryptocurrency in the world financial market made a real sensation. And although some skeptics predict a quick fail of this system, the leading financiers of the world deny this point of view, forecasting a gradual transition of settlement transactions over the Internet into the electronic money. Bitcoin has been the most stable and popular cryptocurrency, shows astonishing course growth, making many people look for opportunities to earn money on trading transactions associated with the purchase and sale of digital money. Other types of cryptocurrencies such as LiteCoin, Ether, and BCH, although they cannot compete with the price of Bitcoin, they are still characterized by sufficiently strong volatility, which allows profiting from trading transactions to experienced traders.”

However you look at the above copy, it is clear that it is not professionally crafted. Savvy investors analyze everything on investment sites knowing that everything counts. With people who put out content of such quality, you do not need a financial advisor to convince you that sending funds to a company such as this would lead to regrets.

What About Loans?

Gold Axis

It is astounding seeing a site like this promising loans to its users because the site has not proven that it has any form of credibility. How then can it be trusted for loans?

You’d say that there is no harm in trying, but that’s just where you’d make a mistake. Loans are secured with collaterals and collateral scam is another type of fraud.

Entrusting your collateral in form of cryptocurrencies to a site whose owners are unknown and which does not have any form of online credibility would result in losing your funds and you’ll most likely never get the loan for which you sent the collateral.

You have to know that collaterals are sent before loans are approved. It is absolutely at the discretion of the persons behind the site to decide you’re not getting the loan after collecting your collateral. There is little you can do about it since it would likely cost you more to hunt for the scammer than the amount that you lost to the scam.

High Yield Investment Scam

All high yield investment programs are scams. When a site offers profits as high as 300 percent in 3 hours, it is a clear indication that it is up to no good. Scam investment sites such as Gold Axis use promises of high interest to lure investors to its site knowing that most people are attracted to the get rich quick promises.

Gold AxisAccording to SEC,

“Most fraudsters spend a lot of time trying to convince investors that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can’t miss.” Don’t believe it.”

The truth is that if these people have the ability to triple investments in three days, they wouldn’t ask investors to get involved but would concentrate on tripling their own funds again and again until they become the wealthiest people on earth. They only ask people to invest because their intention is to steal the invested funds for themselves.

They even have an insane plan for VIPs that promise outrageously higher profits of 1500 percent in 10 days. You can bet that those 10 days would turn to waiting forever for your money.


Gold Axis is an active scam. Getting involved with them will result in losing your funds. There are genuine investment sites that you should invest with. These are sites that are regulated and have built online reputation.

The site that we recommend is this one that helps you copy the activities of expert traders through its social copy trading system. This enables you to get the same result that the trader you’re copying is getting.

What is your experience with Gold Axis? Please share them using the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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