Review: A Real Investment Site Or Another Scam?

 Investors are always looking for profitable platforms to commit their money. However, scammers and dubious businesspeople make selecting an investment platform a tough task, especially for the inexperienced. High-Yield Investment Platforms (HYIPs) are scam platforms set up by these fraudsters. is one of such phony platforms.

The reason we spend time reviewing these scams is that there are many people who actually believe that they could earn money from these sites. For an experienced investor or a member of the coin community, it may seem unreasonable that anyone would send their money to any of these fraud sites. The fact that there are millions of these sites online should tell you that people fall for these tricks.

What is Gold Perfect?

This is a website that screams “SCAM” from the outset. The company describes itself as a new generation investment platform created for people who want to earn with little investment. It claims to have a “long track background” and also claims to have been trading for seven years. However, the website has December 2018 as the domain’s date of creation. This dissonance sure raises eyebrows.

According to the site, 

“We suggest our clients profitable investing in high-yield plans and securely earn on currency trading. Our experienced traders and financial analysts study markets, monitor currency rates changes and fluctuations and create beneficial trading strategies to our clients from all over the world could safely invest and have everyday income.”

Low Quality Web Copy

From statement quoted above, is it not obvious that the owners of the site are anything but professional? I mean, an investment site whose operators cannot put up a decent copy cannot be trusted with your funds.

If you’re observant, you’d notice that most scam sites have low quality copy. Those that have good content that are error free have plagiarized it from other sources.

Once in a while though, you get to see a scam that has done nearly everything well. This is rare because fraudsters are mostly lazy people that prefer stealing from others. Nevertheless, no matter how much work is done by fraudsters, it’s not too difficult to spot them down the line.

Unrealistic Returns

Gold-perfect promises investment package with returns that range from 18% every six hours to as high as 1200% after six days. This is quite an unrealistic expectation especially as there is no explanation anywhere of their business or investment model.

There is also no information about the company’s regulatory mechanisms and protocols. All visitors to the site will get is a dubious certificate of incorporation which is probably worth less than the paper it is printed on.

Interestingly, the site claims that it is an affordable investment that would make everyone to earn massive returns. Laughable is the fact that you could even invest $1. This is probably some donation to the fraudsters.

Phony Affiliate Program

Businesses sometimes operate affiliate programs that incentivize customers to spread word about what they do and bring more customers. This is no doubt an effective way of getting clients. However, Goldperfect offers a ridiculous affiliate system that offers up to 35% commission on deposits made by the referrals. This is another red flag you should be wary of.

Domain Details

A Whois lookup of the site shows the site was registered on the January, 13 2019. The domain registration is set to expire on the January 13, 2020. The website claims to have its head office at an address in the United Kingdom but this is unverifiable. Further red flags are the grandiose claims of setting up offices in different parts of the world within the next year.

It is amusing that a site that claims that it is working on a roadmap that would culminate in building its own exchange did not even list a team, yet it claims that it is making payments to phantom investors.

Here’s an inane update on the site:

“Dear users and visitors! We are pleased to welcome you to our online Limited investment platform! Today was the launch of the site which is the initial phase of all your further investments. We are pleased to offer you three well-developed investment plans, which aim to make your investment as profitable as possible. Beneficial referral programs are available on our website. In addition, you have the opportunity to build your own team of investors and move up the career ladder. By participating in these programs you will get additional sources of income.”


It is evident that Goldperfect  is a scam website and every investor should steer clear. Unrealistic promises, ridiculous affiliate bonuses and a general lack of clarity about anything should make any investor avoid this.

It is a mistake to send your funds to strangers just because they set up a website. You don’t give your money to strangers to invest for you offline. But you can do that with well-established investment companies that are regulated by the appropriate authorities. That is how it ought to be online.

For a reliable site that I’ve been investing with for many months, check our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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