Gominer – When Scammers Work Hard To Impress


Setting up an elaborate scam doesn’t come easily because even for the scammer, they have to think of everything to make sure things are perfect.

Someone recently suggested to us Gominer, an investment company that is planning to launch a token sometime this year. This ordinarily would not have elicited suspicion but the fact that this company is offering some free hashrate for investors is a cause for concern.

How could a startup afford free hashrate if it is asking investors for funding in a scheduled initial coin offering (ICO). This made us run a background check on the team behind this project to understand what they’re up to.

What is Gominer?

GominerThe company claims that it has been involved in cryptocurrency mining since 2017, adding that it was one of the pioneer mining groups. In its introduction, it stated that ASIC and token would be made available for pre-selling.

Anyone who is conversant with mining and how token sales are conducted in the cryptocurrency ecosystem would immediately know that something is amiss, even from the later statement.

A Perfect Team?

GominerA background check on the team shows that everything looked okay. They all have iron-clad social profiles that didn’t fail ID tests even though there are nagging gaps indicating that most of these profiles were created with the upcoming ICO in view.

The arrangement was just too convenient and the team well organized. So why would they offer free hashrate for a company that is yet to find its feet? That is what scammers would do to attract investors’ fund but this seemed a legitimate setup.

No Life Outside Project?

GominerThe team members are such that you would find in a legitimate blockchain project. The CEO and founder, Jack Ethan Mayler is a computer science major with 3 years experience with USA Technologies Inc.

However, there is no other record of this individual online that is not connected with the Gominer project. This gives cause for concern since it is akin to the fact that he doesn’t exist beyond the project. Even more worrisome is the fact that this is project that is targeting to raise funds from the crypto community.

The blockchain developer for the company is Eric Matt Liamison. His LinkedIn profile has also been carefully tailored towards publicizing the Gominer project. The software engineer with 17 years experience also has no life outside the Gominer project.

It is not surprising that the rest of the team members and even advisors are individuals that seemed to have dropped it to accomplish a crowdsale for Gominer, and maybe disappear…

There’s Antecedence

Since the advent of Bitcoin, a number of malicious players have succeeded in swindling investors through exit scams that were professionally packaged.

There have been instances in which team members participated in projects without knowing that the founder was a fraudster who would later steal funds after the project has reached advanced stage and the token listed on exchanges.

This is why it is of utmost importance that review sites crosscheck the details provided by teams. It is unfortunate that some exit scams were actually rated 4 or 5-star by some ICO review sites.



It is odd that a company would use the same site meant for ICO to solicit for public cloudmining. The company’s mining scheme offers a 14-day reward that is similar to what is obtainable with high yield investment programs.

An earnings calculator on the site shows that an investment of $100 could yield profit of more than $800 annually which the investor could withdraw or stake.

No Verified Member


ICO review sites are increasingly conducting KYC for project team members before rating them. In our research, we are yet to see any member of Gominer whose identity has been verified.

This should put investors in no doubt that any funds sent to this site would be lost. We shall see a reason why this would be the outcome of the investment in a moment.

Finally, A Slip

GominerThe 14-day Trial page of the Gominer site shows that the company is promising that investors could earn up to 150 percent on their investments. Even though this contravenes the Securities and Exchange Commission rules on initial coin offering, it is just one of the red signs seen with this project.

On its testimonial section, the site used stock photos to represent its customers. The three alleged customers are Sarah Dimitri, Myke Plutonio and Krystal Huffinton, all of whom are fake identities.

It is obvious that setting up a perfect scam doesn’t come easy and this one slip shows that the owners of the Gominer project have the intention to deceive the investors using a phony project.


GominerIt is surprising that a scam that made so much effort to cover its track slipped on this one. It is to the advantage of the investors that this is so and an indication that scam projects succeed in fooling people because no one investigated them closely.

This is also a lesson to all investors to learn how to keep their funds safe, bearing in mind that there are many fraudsters out there to steal them.


Token investment could be profitable if you get a serious project with real use case. Nevertheless it is an avenue being exploited by fraudster to steal investors’ assets. This is why careful reviews and research is necessary before investing.

With the uncertainty of the coin market, we advise investors to invest in established coins using reliable exchanges. You can check our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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