Hash247 – Attracting Private Investment for Exit Scam

What is the best approach to making financial investments considering that there are many scam sites out there that are ready to get your money and turn exit scams as we are about to see with Hash247?

What an investor needs is the right orientation. This would make them know that money doesn’t grow on trees, neither does cryptocurrencies get picked up from the ground as many fake investment sites tend to make people believe.

A genuine investment site does not promise unrealistic returns on the investment you make. They’re licensed to render financial services and also registered with the relevant business registration agencies.

Most importantly is that they have the right oversight regulator supervising their activities to ensure compliance and avoid misuse of investors’ funds.

These are facts that many investors do not know. So they think that random sites such as Hash247 are legitimate businesses just because they have a website that screams ‘profit’.

What is Hash247?


Hash 247 is an investment website that claimed the company is registered under the Nevada secretary of state with reference ID number NV20061088937.

This is registered as Thomas Creek LLC which we have considered fraudulent since the name Thomas Creek does not in any way relate to Hash247.

Talk about stealing the registration number of another entity to defraud the public. We are of the opinion that if the business name is Thomas Creek, the website name should be related or similar to Thomas Creek.

Scammers these days take advantage of business registration portals to lay claims on certificates and registration IDs belonging to other entities to gain credibility.

In any case, Thomas Creek Investment LLC which Hash247 said belongs to them was registered in 2006. There is no indication that this company is the one behind Hash247 as we have seen

A Poor Web Copy

One of the signs that a site could be another scam is bad web copy. You do not expect a professionally managed company to own a site full of grammatical errors. They would make every effort to ensure that they portray the right image to their investors and the general public.

The Hash247 website has content that is below par. This is a pointer that you’re not dealing with professionals here despite their claim that:

“HASH247 team consists of professional, financial analysts and experts miners and traders, who are constantly monitoring situations, which may affect a [sic] value of cryptocurrency. They estimates [sic] the best possible trade entry points on the cryptocurrency market based on the data received.”

Hash247An insight from SEC on identifying scam sites states:

“Fraudsters often use complex new technologies to perpetrate investment schemes.  They can claim their technology is highly secret.  Investors should always be suspicious of hard to understand pitches that accompany promises of outsized returns. 

Sometimes the language includes spelling, grammar, and typographical errors that can make the description confusing – another red flag the “investment” could be a scam.”

Plagiarized Content

Portions of the website were plagiarized from other sources. This is dishonest practice that is associated with scams, which mostly are too lazy to build real sites from ground up.

A company that could not create original content for their websites is definitely not competent to manage funds for investors.

In any case, it is possible that Hash247 could hire copywriters to draft original content for the site. That does not preclude the fact that this site was set up to defraud people.

High yield Investment Scam


The company promises to pay a minimum of 120 percent to its investors within 24 hours of investing. This is impractical and the objective is to create the impression that they’d make the investor rich.

Fraudsters are aware that people are eager to get rich so they offer to double their money knowing that some would be tempted to make investment deposits. 

If it is possible to double your money, the owners of the site would not be interested in doubling your money, but would work on doubling theirs.

Backdated Commencement Date

Hash247Scam investment sites mostly would want to give you the impression that they’ve been online a long time. The idea is to make you and other investors believe that they have been paying their clients for a long time as a reputable company.

The reality is that most scam sites do not operate for a long time because people soon know them for who they are after they fail to meet up with their financial obligations with investors.

The Hash247 domain was registered on January 29, 2019 but the owners stated on the site that they’ve been online since 2016. This is dishonest behavior usually exhibited by fraudsters.



Faked Last Deposits and Withdrawals

From what we have seen so far, it is evident that this is another scam site that follows the usual pattern of posting random figures and claiming they are deposits and withdrawals made by investors.

It is obvious that this scam pattern has been used successfully by many scammers. This explains why many others copy it.




Sending your funds to this site would result in losses. Genuine investment sites would not offer unrealistic ROI. They’re not manned by some strangers who use anonymity of the web to defraud people.

Investors should learn to use licensed companies that are known to have online and offline credibility. Here is our top recommendation.

What is your opinion about Hash247? Please share them using the comment box.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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