Here’s How Tornado Cash Dusting Attack Is Explained In Football Terms


With the US OFAC ban on Tornado Cash, it appears that someone in charge of one of the blacklisted Tornado Cash wallets is trying to prove a point. They’re sending 0.1 ETH to known celebrity wallets. This was revealed in a Twitter post by Joseph Delong, a former CTO at Sushi and an Ethereum developer.

Attaching the Etherscan link to the attacks, he wrote:

“Someone is out dusting a bunch of wallets from Tornado with 0.1 ETH lmaaaaooooo”

Proof of Culpability

In essence, the person sending the ether from the blacklisted wallet is saying that despite the ban by the Treasury Department’s OFAC, there is no way of proving the culpability of the recipients since they do not have the means of blocking the transactions.

A dusting attack is a form of malicious trolling that sends small amounts of digital currencies strictly for tracking purposes. Dusting is also used to break the anonymity of the owner behind the wallet holding the digital assets.

Explain in Football Terms

Reacting to the incident, a Twitter user, Rodrigo, wanted to understand, in football terms, why someone is sending out ETH to folks like the Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong and Beeple’s owner. Here are some of the explanations given using football terms.

“Metal studs aren’t allowed but Jim wants to wear metal studs so he makes sure that not only his boots have them but everyone else including the referee all have metal studs too” – iamDK- @snullebobini

Another user, Serial Shiller, explains using same analogy,

“The US made footballs illegal, someone is pushing footballs over everybody’s fence into their garden”

The_test @spookiesaysboo said,

“each player got his personal ball now but it’s prohibited and everyone is going to prison”

A Communication Sanction

This is what it is, according to Aaronstotle @Aaronstotle1

“The NFL imposed sanctions on anyone who had communications with the player Tornado Cash. Tornado Cash sent all teams a letter”

It is not yet clear what the US authorities will do regarding the attack. The ban on Tornado Cash restricts and bars any US citizens, persons in US soil or US citizens living overseas from transacting with Tornado Cash. The cryptocurrency blending service was accused of using its service to facilitate “laundering” of cryptocurrencies stolen by North Korean hackers.


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