High Profile Victims of The Pink Drainer Hacker Group


The Pink Drainer hacker group has added some high profile victims to their theft, reports. Among the latest victims of the hacker group are some high profile wallets including OpenAI CTO, Evomos, Orbiter Finance and Pika Protocol. On-chain data shows that the hacker group has stolen over $3.5 million from 2,848 victims by deploying fake giveaways, phishing pages and fake mints.

4,486 transfers of stolen funds since February 14

On June 20, the Twitter project account of Slingshot was hacked by Pink Drainer. The attacker announced an airdrop and used the strategy to commandeer 216 wallet addresses. The hacker had faked the Slingshot website with a dot finance domain and all. Since the Slingshot airdrop was expected, they quickly announced it, using the avenue to phish for permissions that enabled them to drain the funds of some users.

The report by Bittrace said that Pink-Drainer.eth has executed 4,486 transfers of stolen funds since February 14. A ScamSniffer report shows that the victims lost  $3,548,566 in total. $2,895,390 worth of Ethereum and $380,614 worth of Arbitrum made up a large chunk of the haul.

The report added that attacks such as those carried out by Pink Drainer succeed because the targeted projects do not create enough awareness in their communities about the risks that they face from hackers. 

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.