Hodl Token Wallet – Is This A Sure Way To Lose Your Fund?

“Earn up to 15 percent monthly by just hodling your crypto in your wallet.”

If you’ve come across a site such as HodlTokenWallet, you’d probably think that this is your lucky break.

Hodling is the act of keeping your Bitcoin in your wallet with the expectation that the value would appreciate and keep in profit if not making you very rich. However, the crypto space if full of fraudsters who would do anything to steal your digital currency.

Hodltokenwallet is a new site that is poised for a crowdsale or crowd-donation. The entity behind it is promising investors they would get $10 bonus for signing up on the site. Also, they’re promising 15 percent profit for holding crypto in a wallet they’d be launching soon.

We decided to check up the site with the intention to determine if there is an iota of legitimacy in what it is promising the investor.  A visit to the Telegram channel shows that there are more than 5000 members. The admin wrote:

“1) As of now, we have stabilized and enhanced our servers to handle up to 100k users!
We are now approximately 30,000 affiliates and second enhancements will be done once we touch 100k members to handle 1 million members!

2) For few days we faced issues with our mail service provider and hence verification emails were not getting inboxed. That challenge is now handled and mail delivery is working at optimum level again.

3) Our HYDRA bot has started to trade everyday and hence all members are starting to get FREE HODL Tokens based on the $10 complimentary bonus deposits received on signup.

Once we launch, each member will be able to deposit unlimited amounts in HYDRA to make great passive income.

4) Currently our bots are delivering on an average 15% per month profit for investors, and we are fine-tuning for even greater profit!

With crypto bull market around the corner, 2020 should be a great year in business for all in HODL!

We are happy to observe that our corporate Telegram Group here is now 5,000+ members – in less than 20 days since we started the prelaunch.

Also we invite all committed participants with at least 5 years of Network Marketing/MLM experience, and some years in crypto currency niche, for one-to-one development partnership of HODL.

If you are one, we promise to assist you with all necessary support to help you build massive HODL organisations in your country/city and everywhere else!

Support will be in form of allowance for office, events and other ways based on performance

If you have worked in crypto currency wallet companies in the past, that will be added bonus!

If you are qualified and are interested in being HODL Country Ambassador for your territory, kindly contact HODL Super Admin at:

We will be asking basic questions to ascertain your suitability and readiness; discuss your strategies to be able to deliver on expected performance results; and as well planned company support to help you achieve concrete results.
HODL Token Wallet – Admin”

We scrutinized the site and the channel and found the following:

Promised Returns Not Sustainable

This site is luring users with the impression that it is going to pay 15 percent monthly profit for a system that is obscure. It has all the features of a scam since it did not clearly explain how the value of its token is going to appreciate, enabling it to pay every investor this ROI.

It merely mentioned that 2020 is a bullish year, but in reality, no one knows that for sure. 2020 could end up bearish like 2018. This is a red sign that the owner of this scheme intentionally misled the potential investors.

No Bot Guarantees Profit with Crypto

According to the admin,

“Once we launch, each member will be able to deposit unlimited amounts in HYDRA to make great passive income.”

This is absolute nonsense. There is no bot that guarantees that anyone would make consistent crypto profit. If such bot actually exists, the owners of the site would not solicit for investor fund. They’d just use their own funds to make all the profit for themselves. They’re not a charity eager to share profit with investors.

An Obvious Ponzi Scheme

From the interest of the scheme to recruit experienced MLM marketer, it is obvious that this is another ponzi scheme in the making. The plan is clearly to create buzz around the scheme and generate a lot of fund from users while promising them a lot of money through a useless token.

A Potential Exit Scam

Ponzis never end well. In reality, every ponzi is a potential exit scam since they’re not sustainable. The intention of this faceless entity is to lure users with free but phantom $10 in their useless token, create impression that all would get infinite 15 percent interest on their investments, pay a few early investors and exit with the funds when the people gain their trust.

Anonymous Team

Fraudsters never reveal their identities in any project. Some give the impression that they’re anonymous because Bitcoin founder is unknown. Also, there are successful blockchain projects that used anonymous teams. However, the days when teams could be anonymous are long gone since it is now obvious that many ICOs and other blockchain-related crowdsales have been exploited by fraudsters to defraud investors.

Following Precedence of Known Exit Scam

The approach employed by Hodltoken wallet is a pattern of scam that is getting popular. Fraudsters set up ICO-like sites create impression that they’re building a token. They go further by giving bonuses. Then use many marketers utilizing various strategies such as personal videos to promote their schemes.

With the appointment of country managers, they widen the reach of the ponzi through meet-ups and seminars. We have seen ambitious scams like this such as Elitefinfx which has stolen millions from investors and moved to another scam Efx 2.0.


Hodle Token according to the site would be launched in 7 days. At Cryptoinfowatch, we have seen scams like this and can bet you that those who fall for it will lose their money.

You should donate the fund you’re planning to deposit with this project to charity. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in genuine investment, check our top recommendation. At least, you get to copy experts and professionals and get the same result as they with your investment.

If you’ve had experience with hodltoken wallet, please share it through the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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