Hourmex.com – But This Scam is Easy To Identify


What I have discovered reviewing crypto scams is that there is a mini industry that focuses on churning out scam project because they are aware there is a market for it.

These scam patrons comprises people who know little about the workings of cryptocurrencies and others that like patronizing scams because they view them as a source of quick profit.

Driven By Scam Lovers

These lovers of high yield investment schemes are the force behind this mini industry because they are always on the look-out for new scam sites such as Hourmex.com with the intention to sign up early and lure in the hapless who would eventually be the losers.

Unfortunately for these scam lovers, they are often caught up with the losses when the scam sites shut down but would still be seen patronizing and advertising other scams because they see scam marketing as a way of making a living and a way of life.

False Reviews

They usually are the ones that give misleading reviews of HYIPs sites simply because they were paid once or twice knowing well that these scammers make initial payments to attract more investors and deposits.

The common language among these scam lovers is

“It is paying?”

This is why you must never take anybody seriously who gives a positive recommendation for any HYIP such as Hourmex.

What is Hourmex.com?

According to the website,

HOUR MEX LTD is a new British startup in crypto exchange trading, digital assets management, and crypto market consulting.”

That introduction is vintage HYIP scam site approach to legitimacy claims. The owners tactically made it clear that the company is “new” because they are aware that the scam lovers are on the look-out for new schemes to market to the gullible.

They also are aware that if it is too new that the conservative among the investors would be skeptical so they made it clear that,

“The company was founded in 2018 as a global extension of a successfully running private cryptocurrency venture investment pool.”

A critical look at the introduction shows that the scammers behind this scheme are not neophytes in the business. This is certainly not their first HYIP because the site theme and web copy is decent showing they paid a professional copywriter to set this up.

A British company experienced in asset management and crypto trading. Yet have no form of documentation to prove that they have been in business and made success out of it.

Who is Behind the Hourmex.com?

Hourmex.comThere is no indication of the people behind the site. The About Us page laid emphasis on how the company is making money by stating that,

“The company employs a multy-dimensional [sic] approach to crypto investments taking advantage of almost every opportunity the industry has to offer. We are engaged in crypto exchange trading, cloud mining and cryptocoins portfolio management, investing in reputable initial coin offerings and blockchain technology development projects.”

This does not in any way shed light on who the founders are. A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on December 2, 2018. The owner’s name was concealed using the service.

Isn’t it weird that a service that wants to manage funds for people could not mention the people behind it? This means that a random stranger could set up a website, make claims and have people send bitcoins just because they claimed that they have the ability to make profit.

One question people do not ask themselves before investing in schemes like Hourmex.com is

“What if I don’t get my money back?”

The reason is that they are blinded by greed just because someone just reported that they were paid by the scammers.

One thing you have to understand is that scammers sometimes pay people to give positive reviews. They also give such signals to themselves using shilling services that are getting common in the crypto industry.

Investing in ICOs

Everyone who is conversant with the crypto industry knows that ICOs are no longer profitable the way they were in the early days. Most these days have scammers behind them because the industry is largely unregulated.

The Hourmex site claims that one of the ways it hopes to generate profit is through initial coin offerings. This should tell any experienced investor that the people behind this project are day-dreamers hoping to fool you into sending your coins to them.

What is clear is that sending those coins may be easy but getting your expected gains wouldn’t. This is why it is advisable to avoid scams such as Hourmex. Like all scams, it is an ill wind that blows no one good except the scammer. I always tell people that it makes more sense to donate your coin to charity than scammers.

Hourmex.com Plans

Hourmex.comIt is not surprising that the scheme has very attractive investment plans. Its basic plan purportedly yields 1% every hour forever. This plan has a minimum deposit of $1 and maximum of $10,000.

Higher plans give up to 800% after 3 days. A profit calculator is attached to all the plans to enable the investor see how much they would make before investing. The purpose is to make the investor anticipate large profit and cause them to make the investment based on emotions.

Scam crypto investment sites routinely have wide ranges of investment plans because they want people to easily try the schemes with minute amounts. They mostly will pay the owners of small deposits to encourage them to invest bigger funds. It is unlikely that those that deposited large sums would get their funds back.

Affiliate Program

The Hourmex.com affiliate program offers affiliates 5 percent of the deposits made by investors they invited. The affiliates are the drivers of the dubious investment sites because these need inflow of new participants to pay the older ones.

The emphasis on bringing new investors is seen with the Hourmex Partnership Program described here:

“If you are an investment group leader and active marketer it will be easy for you to refer just 7 active investors and qualify for a Partnership program that features higher referral bonuses and special incentives based on your entire referral structure performance.”

The program pays 7 percent to participants.

Business Location

Hourmex.com gave the location of its office as 2 Purley Place, Islington,
London, N1 1QA, United Kingdom. A search of the address did not yield the house number nor Hourmex to it which could be excused being a new business. But judging fro the activities of this company, it is obvious that it has no physical registered office.

Companies such as Hourmex.com are in business specifically to get crypto deposits from investors for a short time within which their users trust them. They’ll certainly betray that trust reason for this review.


Scam companies do everything they could to convince people that their investment is safe. The lure for no work high pay is why Bitcoin scams thrive. All available evidence shows that Hourmex.com even though a new site wouldn’t last long.

If you plan investing in this company because of the high profit reconsider because you’ll likely lose your fund. If you need a genuine business that gives you mild profit but keeps your funds safe, go for companies that have built online credibility such as this.

If you’ve had experience with Hourmex.com please share with other readers in the comment box below.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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