How a crypto whale turned $180,000 into $2.1 million in two weeks


Twitter whale wallet tracker, @DamiDefi recently uncovered how a crypto whale turned $180,000 into $2.1 million in two weeks by amassing sizeable deposits of RefundCoin (RFD), Ethereum (ETH), Rebate Coin (RBE), Ben (BEN), Clavell Inu (CLAVELL), and The Nomad (NOMAD).

The wallet’s cumulative PNL over the tracking period is nearly $2 million, with RefundCoin constituting over half of that figure. Most of the wallet’s activity took place this month, with over $65,000 spent over the past three days. Stick around as we uncover the discoveries from Dami-Defi’s tracking.

73% RefundCoin, 8% Rebate Coin; how the wallet made millions

According to blockchain data retrieved by Dami-Defi, the wallet’s largest holding is RefundCoin, making up 73% of their portfolio. They bought nearly 18 billion RefundCoin tokens for $95,000, and the tokens plunged to $1.3 million in value during the wallet tracker’s analysis.

The wallet’s second-largest holding is 113.917 Ethereum tokens, making up 11% of their portfolio. Their Ethereum asset has a total value of $205,791, according to Dami-Defi, and has likely increased slightly in value since the analysis.

Next to Ethereum are 10.5 billion Rebate Coin tokens, making up 8% of the wallet’s holdings with a total value of $150,348. The wallet acquired their Rebate Coin sometime on May 23 at $0.00000036 each to make a total spend of $18,200. With the coin surging by almost 100%, it’s one of the wallet’s best-performing assets.

Other coins and tokens in the wallet include Ben Token, Clavell Inu, and The Nomad, constituting 2%, 1.5%, and 1.1% of the assets on the wallet, respectively.

Amid the successes, the wallet continues to buy cryptocurrencies actively, and interested investors can track and replicate their movements with wallet address 0x03770b07c5c315722c5866e64cde04e6e5793714.

Trading meme coins remains insanely risky

While this whale made some impressive gains with a portfolio that’s almost entirely meme coins, the general public should beware of investing massively in similar projects, as they’re typically more misses than hits.

You can choose to replicate some of the whale’s movements, but it’s likely too late to make the same level of profit using the same portfolio.

Author: Raji

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