How To Create A Crypto News and Review Site On Budget

I see some crypto site owners asking for volunteer writers. Well…it doesn’t really work that way. No one who has writing skills would waste their time and effort for a site that is new without having motivation of sorts.

That motivation could be monetary or the confidence that your site has potentials or that you’re good at what you do. I’ve been there so I want to give you some hints if you’re thinking of building your crypto site from scratch…on a tight budget.

Mindset is Important

First, bear in mind that any web project is a long-term venture so that you don’t lose hope quickly. When I started my news and review site, I made up my mind that it’ll be a year before I start seeing some real profit. I was writing all the content alone for the first few months. In fact, 90 percent of the content was written by me.

Having a long-term view is important because competition is high in every popular niche such as news sites, even crypto news sites.

Think Monetization But Don’t Dwell On It

At a point, I noticed that I was seeing some traffic, still low but I knew I had to find a way to monetize before 1 year. I used affiliate programs related to crypto and adjusted my content to market those products and services. This was after 3 months of intense work. I also asked for volunteer writers but couldn’t get a skillful writer. However, one guy wrote for a month and I paid him off.

Bear in mind that you need quality content to rank well in Google search. Depending on rewrites when you have low budget won’t help you. Go for unique content but target low competition keywords. Even in news writing, you need low competition keywords to get some traffic.

The essence of low competition is to enable your content to rank on the front page of Google. This is your bread and butter so focus on it. The only downside is that you need a lot of work to have your low competing pharases bring in good amount of traffic.

To accomplish this, you need a good keyword tool that gives you the data you need. The software I started with shows you your chances of ranking with each keyword. 

It’ll Trickle In

By the sixth month, I started seeing income, mainly from the affiliate products. You’d imagine my surprise checking my affiliate account and seeing my first earning of $250. By the end of that month, I earned $750. The next month was $1,250, then $1,400 in the 8th month…
This, without waiting until one year before monetizing.

What I’m trying to say is this: put your back to work if you’re low on budget. Focus more on unique content instead of rewrites. Monetize when you start seeing real traffic. What your readers need is something useful. Give it to them and you’d see profit.

My plan is to start competing for more competitive keywords with older crypto sites.

Now About Ads

I’ve has a few projects come around for ads on my site but unfortunately, I found out they’re mostly promoting scams and dubious offers so I turned them down. This is another aspect of business that you should maintain the highest standards.

Over time, people would know that you’re giving them reliable information. I believe the reward will come down the line in terms of ads. Most of my earnings along that line are from articles published on my site for such projects.

I’ve turned down three or four scam projects that could have paid good money. Not because I was making enough but I believe it is in the interest of the community. Don’t think there’s shortcut to this. Work for it. Have long-term view. Don’t compromise quality. You’ll get your own audience. Don’t give up.

Uniqueness isn’t just original content, original style also is part of uniqueness. The only people that determine whether you’re doing the right thing are your readers, not people coming to make comparisons.

You can see that there’s nothing particularly special about our site, but it serves a few persons well. Thanks to Vod from BTT. Before launching the site, he gave some insight that made me push it long-term. 

Challenges of Crypto News On Low Budget

The main challenge you’d face on low budget is knocking out the content. There are times you don’t just feel like writing. Don’t push it, but relax until you get some inspiration.

I’m sure you’re aware of the last Google update that caused many crypto news sites to lose traffic. My traffic also plummeted but I still have quite a few ranking pages. I learnt the reason and I’m correcting that. Remember that your focus should be low competition keywords.

Another challenge is getting a good monetization strategy. Making it all fit in your overall scheme is what makes the difference. You can see what I have done. It may not work exactly the same way but split test what’s best for you. This worked for me.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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