How to Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrencies

There are many people that feel that they missed out on the crypto revolution that started with Bitcoin 10 years ago. The main reason is that those that adopted the cryptocurrency at its early stage are the whales we hear of today.

These are people that became extremely rich when the value of Bitcoin appreciated due to increased awareness and subsequent adoption.

There are many others that have regrets due to the fact that they didn’t hear about Bitcoin or never thought that cryptocurrencies would make the sort of inroad being experienced presently.  This need not be since there still are avenues through which an investor could benefit from the cryptocurrency revolution.

Income Through Staking

Proof of Stake (PoS) coins have been generating passive income for many investors who are knowledgeable about it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the know-how to benefit from it. This is why investors are enthusiastic about automatic staking platforms that enable easy staking of PoS cryptocurrencies.

These are simple solutions for everyone that wants to profit from crypto assets irrespective of their knowledge and skill level. The platforms focus on proof of stake coins which the investors could invest (stake) at profit.

All they need to do is purchase the proof of stake coin of their choice from an array of stake-able coins and transfer them to their staking wallets after signing up on the platform.

These run masternodes on the designated proof of stake networks. The profit generated is shared with the investors. Interestingly, among the PoS coins, there are some that would generate high percentage profit for the investor.

One of the advantages of using these staking platforms is that the investor need not bother about the technical aspects of setting up a masternode before they can see profit.

PoS Masternode Coins

Presently, there are many masternode coins available for staking such as BitBay, DeviantCoin, Monetary Unit and Rupaya, Energi, PIVX, Bitcoin One and several others. At last count, some staking platforms deal with more than 40 coins. The profit accruable to the investor ranges from 1 to 350 percent annually.

Dash is the most popular masternode coin. It combines privacy with other features and has many use cases. It is also the most expensive at the moment.

Masternode staking platforms give the investor the advantage of predictable and steady returns of their investment with an array of high-end proof of stake coins.

By taking the guesswork out of masternode staking processes, staking services are ideal for all classes of investors that desire to see passive crypto income in the future.

You Can Still Hodl

Granted, deflationary digital assets with limited supply have the tendency to appreciate over time, but no one knows when. Instead of waiting for the time a token soars due to the next bull-run, masternode staking is the best option for any investor who wants to be in profit in the foreseeable future.

  This is why masternode coins are sometimes received with enthusiasm by many in the staking community and cryptosphere generally. This is especially so during bear markets.

Users of the platform aside staking their assets sometimes participate in governance initiatives. However, one of the best ways to earn great income is still trading of assets. This is why I recommend social trading systems such as copy trading. This enables the investor to reproduce the result of professional traders.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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