HPX Crypto – Is This A Fancy Site With High Profit Possibilities?

HPX Crypto

Perhaps you heard about HPX Crypto and you’re hopeful that you’ve seen another path to quick wealth but as a smart investor, you decided to run a background check to know more about it. That’s good…

I came across HPX Crypto in a Facebook group where the entity behind it or their proxy was trying to promote it to people in that group. I was curious to know what the project is about and going through it, I saw it was another attempt to steal funds from investors.

This is why at Cryptoinfowatch, we always tell crypto investors to invest in crypto education to learn about the industry and its prospects before making investments. Cryptocurrency scams thrive because there are many uninformed investors who think that cryptocurrencies are a sure pathway to wealth. Well, it could be to the informed but to the novice, there is so much to lose.

It has already been shown that more than 80 percent of all crypto projects are either scams or failed to accomplish their objectives because the team behind it was dishonest or incompetent. This is why you should proceed with care before parting with your funds to anyone claiming to manage them for you or any site that claims to be an investment site.

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What is HPX Crypto?

HPX Crypto claims to be a platform that scours the industry for opportunities that makes it ahead of other players in the terms of profit. Even though it did not explain how it hopes to accomplish that, it alluded to the fact that the company trades on cryptocurrencies.

HPX Crypto

You could learn from the site that the targets of the entity behind the site are some of the “most used cryptocurrencies in the world”. It also stated that it uses trader qualification algorithms to make profits with the major cryptocurrencies.

Although it did not explain how such algorithms work, what is obvious is that this site is interested in having you make some deposits with the promise that you’ll get something more, enough to make it worth your while.

HPX Crypto further stated that its line of business is highly profitable. This is to assure you that there is money to be made if you do invest on this site.

How True is This Assertion?

HPX CryptoHPX Crypto claims that it is using a not-too-common technology to make profits that is uncommon in the industry. According to the site, they just decided to share this smart way of making higher profit for the benefit of others.

“It is not an easy task as it requires high knowledge and technology investments that are beyond the reach of an average user. It has been over the last few years that HPX Crypto has accumulated this baggage and today can offer with solidity the expressive gains that it promises within this market.

Still in constant evolution, we have a precise plan for the coming years, evaluating all the possibilities of the market and foreseeing the next steps.”

How about that for a bogus claim? We have known scammers to pull a somewhat magic button all in the quest to get people to send them money and this site is one that you should not trust as we shall see in the rest of this post.

An Imaginary Bull Coin

Everyone conversant with the cryptocurrency ecosystem knows that a coin doesn’t really exist in an economic sense until it is tradable on exchanges. However, the HPX Crypto site claims that it is planning to launch a coin called bull coin in 2020. This coin seems to be the basis of the company’s financial vision apart from its magic trading algorithm.

According to the site,

“With an emphasis on high performance, safety and agility, E-Bull Coin has advanced technology that develops and enhances the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, adopting an innovative model for currency appreciation and sharing.”

What we think is that the HPX Crypto is a scam that is fighting so hard to hold to something that that has similitude of credibility. In reality, it could not prove that it is actually involved in any worthwhile business but very eager to convince investors to make deposits on the site.

A False Roadmap

You just have to look at the supposed roadmap of this project to know that the persons behind it are fraudsters. There is nothing concrete that shows that this is a serious project.

HPX CryptoFor example, the first step in the roadmap is February 2018, “The first draft of the project was written and the idea began to be put into practice.” This means that the team had no idea of what it wanted to accomplish but went on to announce they’re launching a wonder coin in 2020.

They quickly jumped to the second step in which the Bull Coin is supposed to start taking shape by December 2018. Then by January 2019, they asking for investment in a coin that has not taken shape or been built. In other words, they’re effectively putting the cart before the horse.

All the other stages of the roadmap have nothing concrete that the investor could depend on to invest in this project. The reality is that there is nothing on the roadmap to even show that this is a project.

Important aspects of a project such as team were not mentioned. There are no team members so the investor is expected to send their funds to some invisible and unknown entities that would most likely exit scam them.

  Unrealistic Earning

HPX CryptoWhy would you believe that a company or website would pay you 140% in just over a month (33 days)? How would they make all that money they’re promising to pay all their investors?

It is simple logic that companies are in business for profit and not to waste it. Commonsense says that if they have the capacity to make that much, they wouldn’t be asking for your investment.


HPX Crypto is not a reliable site to send your funds to. If you do, there’s little possibility that you’d earn anything and your money would certainly be lost. There are safer, regulated platforms that you should invest with.

Every serious project should know what it set out to achieve. It should also know how to pass the message across in a clear manner. We did not see that with HPX Crypto. There is no team so no one to be held accountable when something goes wrong. There is no evidence that this is a registered entity under any jurisdiction and no one has empowered the company to render financial services.

These are enough to avoid an unregulated, suspicious site such as this. If you’re ready for any serious investment, please check here for our top recommendation.

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