Scams List

With the waning popularity of ICOs, other forms of crypto scams have taken center stage. Accordingly, we are updating this page with other scams, with the newest scams at the top. For a genuine investment where you could benefit from copy trading, here’s our recommendation. – Crypto Veritas Ltd Review – Another DeFi Scam Or Genuine Staking Platform?

Token Tesla – A fake Tesla ICO

Finbitcapital – A ponzi or high yield investment scam.

Trezö – Fake Trezor shop website – Fake Trezor shop

Trė – Fake hardware wallet shop – This fake Buterin is luring victims with a scam giveaway. – This fake coin project uses stock photos to represent their team. – A clone of Ripple site. A Ripple giveaway scam site

Omegapro – Omegapro: A Pyramid Scam Rides Bitcoin Bull – scam exchange – A mining phone scam

BloomExtra – A giveaway scam – This is either a high yield investment scam. – Deposits made to exchange not reflecting. – This is a HYIP, a potential exit scam

Softger INC – Claims to be a bitcoin mining firm.


Bitles EU

The Billion Coin

Xeonbit ICO

Sidera ICO

Newzoneex ICO

Stoxum ICO

Posscoin ICO

Rethen Foundation ICO

Pumpkinpro ICO

Tkeycoin ICO

Dibbs ICO

Penchant Token


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