Illuvial NFTs, Lands, and Illuvitars Will Soon Be Interoperable Between Games


The developers of illuvium say the metaverse game assets, like illuvial NFTs, Lands, and illuvitars, will be interoperable. This was reported in a video uploaded by Andrew Wall (@AwallCrypto) on his Twitter handle on 28-8-2022.

This feature will enable the lovers of the web3 play-to-earn (P2E) game to use their assets in one Illuvium game in another game on the same franchise.

At The Introductory Stage

He added that although they are still in the introductory stages, this feature is exciting. The short-term interoperable feature is another edge the web3 gaming has over the web2.

Further, Andrew Wall urged his followers to help circulate the news of this game feature to all metaverse game lovers. He emphasized the need for daily and consistent sharing of Illuvium contents. Just like he does with his daily video feeds on Twitter and Youtube.

“Getting the word out to the masses. Need to consistently share this message about Illuvium every day. Programming out daily videos on my Twitter feed as a part of that strategy.”

Reactions To Interoperable Feature

Responding to Andrew Wall’s tweet, Viper (@viper_ilv) claims these steps are remarkable. He further expressed the excitement of switching assets amongst their favorite web3 games, considering the efforts expended to get the assets.

“These baby steps are extraordinary; imagine you would have been able to use your hard-earned World of Warcraft assets while gaming from 2006-2014, also in Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm at release in 2014/2015.”

Another Twitter user, Crystal – The Wall (@crystalstclair_), commended the efforts put in by the developers.

“I mean, duh…. (Love your work guys :)”

Other web3 game lovers also expressed their excitement towards the interruptible features in their various replies after watching Andrew Wall’s video feed.




Author: Jofor Humani

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