I’m Sure That In A Couple Of Years We Will Regret Not Having Bought More At This Price – Pliego

Ricardo Salinas

Mexican billionaire says those that didn’t buy at this price will regret in a few years.

Mexico’s richest man, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, said that people who missed investing in Bitcoin at ‘these prices’ will regret it in a couple of years.

Pliego made the statement on Tuesday, June 13, in a Twitter post where he made a comparison between the pain of his nose job and the pain of realizing that one should have invested in BTC when it was affordable.

Pliego, who has always been an advocate for Bitcoin investment wrote:

“About the bitcoin price, I’m sure that in a couple of years we will regret not having bought more at this price!”

Reactions To The Post

Some of the respondents to his post said that they heeded his advice to invest in BTC but have not made as much gains as they had anticipated. Some said that they have given up on the asset class while many others said they have plans to buy Bitcoin if it falls to a lower price.

While some anticipate that Bitcoin would drop to $15k, others are hoping that the price of the asset would drop to $10k.

Rob Lopez, who describes himself as a factor investor, is among those that have projected that BTC would drop to $10k.

He wrote:

“I don’t think so, my Amigo Rick. BitCoin is headed lower. See you at ten thousand.”

When Billionaires Are Interested in BTC

One of the comments on Pliego’s post wondered why the billionaire businessman is interested in BTC.

“What I don’t understand is what difference does it make to a billionaire to have 1 more million?” – @cryp2block101

Salinas is one of the few billionaires known to promote Bitcoin. Last February, the billionaire said that the secret to being successful as a Bitcoin investor is buying and not selling the coin. He also highlighted that the Electra group, one of his companies, would integrate the Lightning network to its payments system.

In the recent post, Salinas, who recently underwent a nose surgery, compared the pains of the surgery to the price of Bitcoin’s price drop. Bitcoin is currently selling at just above $21.9k after losing two-third of its value in November, 2021.


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