InclusiveFX – Fancy Websites Don’t Necessarily Make Money


Inclusive FX is one of those programs that thought through their plans of making a success out of the scheme by studying what similar programs do and copying them.

It is possible that the people behind InclusiveFX have been in the Ponzi scam business for a long time and have launched this site as a pilot project to know the attraction it would have with the investors.

What is InclusiveFX?

According to the site, InclusiveFX is a FOREX trading platform that enables investors to earn daily income by making deposits with which the company trades for them.

The company claims to manage a worldwide portfolio through its experienced managers enabling those who invested to just plan and execute their business plans confidently knowing that their funds are in safe hands.

It further claims to be the originator of the first stock market electronic merger known as IFX which serves more than 180 countries.

False Claims By InclusiveFX

InclusivefxThose claims being unverifiable, Cryptoinfowatch investigations made contacts with IFX to know its relationship with InclusiveFX. The information available to us showed that the two entities are not related. The founders of IFX are Nicholas Williams (CEO), Steve Allen (Group finance Director), Khalid Talukder (Director, head of fintech) and William Marwick  (Executive Director and Haead of Legal).

On the other hand, InclusiveFX gave the name of its director as Steve Murray and other marketing and trading experts, none of whom is a member of the IFX team.

We decided to crosscheck the background of the InclusiveFX CEO Murray but found nothing about him online, no social media profile. Rather, we found out that the image used by InclusiveFX as Murray has been used repeatedly by other scam FOREX and crypto sites such as BitmineFX.

If Murray was the founder of Bitmine FX, why wasn’t it mentioned on the InclusiveFX site? Why would the site claim affiliation with IFX? Moreover, it is clear that the same picture was photoshopped for InclusiveFX and BitmineFX possibly by the same scammers.


UK Based Company?

The company claims that it is based in the UK even though the operators and team have strong Russian accent in the videos of the scheme posted on YouTube. The videos were likely done by actors or hired freelancers.

All these cast shadows on the legitimacy of InclusiveFX. We really think that this is one of those projects operated by shadowy teams that you should have no business sending funds to.

What Are the Promises?

One of the ways to stay safe online is not just trust the things written on every website. There are many scam sites out there that has a single focus of making investors send them money. When they have stolen enough, they’d be gone the way they came.

InclusiveFX has all the features of a Ponzi scam. The site promises investors daily ROI of at least 1.6 percent. Every discerning investor knows that every investment that claims it could double your money in weeks is a likely scam.

InclusiveFX claims it is making money through FOREX but no trader can give you such assurances because it has its vicissitudes that the trader doesn’t always reckon with.

A Virtual Address

You wouldn’t need to search deeply to know that the address the company provided in its site is virtual. This means that the people doing business for the company cannot be found there. They effectively used an address that permits new businesses, MLM and even ponzi scams to use them for payment.

LONDON, WC2N 4HS, UK is one of such virtual addresses.

According to the site,

“Inclusivefx is a market pioneer in furnishing retail and institutional traders with access to foreign trade and other capital markets. With Inclusivefx, you can trade forex, metals, for example, gold and silver, vitality products and commodities, indices and in additional stocks, all from a solitary coordinated account.”

Despite these claims, the company did not provide evidence that it is trading FOREX and metal.

The site has a news section but none of the information there was independently rendered. The company in effect was the judge and jury in its own case. That and the fact that it is a dodgy site should tell you to tread carefully.


When an investment site lays a lot of emphasis on new recruits, it is very likely that you’re dealing with a scam, Ponzi or a Pyramid scheme. In reality, all are classified as scams.

InclusiveFX has a referral system for its partners promising them percentages of the income generated through their referrals.

In all these, the most obvious clue that InclusiveFX is a scam is the ROI it promises its investors. It simply is too good to be true and this site should be avoided.

The domain was registered in 2016. There is no evidence that people are  making money through this since it is an established scam. Do not think that getting initial payment from a site such as this means that it is legitimate. It is likely a ploy to lure you into making larger deposits whih you’ll lose.


There is a trading site that has provided evidence that it is actually making money through its trading activities, it is my recommendation and you could check them up now.

If you’ve had experience with InclusiveFX, send in your comment in the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

7 thoughts on “InclusiveFX – Fancy Websites Don’t Necessarily Make Money

  1. I have observed from my friend that he really earns that income….So how can u say it is not reliable?

    1. It is not a regulated site, so the risk is high that it could become an exit scam.

  2. they failed to compensate us since 15/7/2019.Claiming they are making the withdrawal process easier.This made me tingle, since how can you not inform us first before making this kind of change.It just came out of nowhere.They told us by 1st of august everything will be back to normal but nothing has changed.
    They even removed the support chat room from there page.Its really unfair ,and ANYONE reading this DO NOT JOIN INCLUSIVEFX for any damn reason.

  3. Fuck inclusive fucking fx , it was scam and we all cheated, DO NOT INVEST ANYMORE IN INCLUSIVE FOREX AND INCLUSIVECRYPTO . they don’t pay anymore

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