Initial Coin Offering Review: Cryptfillcoin Launches An Irrelevant Scam

initial coin offering review

There are times you wonder the criteria most initial coin offering review sites use in giving ratings to these projects. This is so because it is so easy to look at the website of an ICO such as Cryptfillcoin and gain insight to the sort of people behind it.

When a project has nothing to offer, it is an indication that the people behind it either have no vision to accomplish or lack the ability to communicate and accomplish it. This brings us to the fundamental issue why we have people launching such ICOs – greed.


The first impression you get about the Cryptfillcoin ICO by looking at the site is that this is a project that either has no focus or the team lacks the ability to explain what it is they want to accomplish by selling their token.

Ordinarily, a good project should be able to clearly identify the problem they intend to solve as well as explain why it is worth getting support from investors.

Cryptfillcoin can at best be described as incoherent and lacks vision of what it plans to accomplish by selling a token. For instance, the site introduction of the project stated:

“CryptFillCoin has been conceived and designed to bring the cheapest way to send, receive and store the most popular and favorite cryptocurrencies. We will be offering individuals and companies the ability to create invoices, send and receive payments, multi- currency wallets.”

A critical look at that will tell you that these guys have nothing to offer. “Cheapest way to send, receive and store crypto” in late 2018 is barely a reason to launch an ICO.

Ordinarily, it has already become obvious that most ICOs these days do not have relevant projects for which they are launching projects. Compounding the problem is the issue of having scammers posing as solution givers just to steal money from investors.

The website went further by writing:

“CryptFillCoin’s main goal in all of this is to open the commerce market to cryptocurrency”.

Now do you begin to accomplish that? Studying the website shows that there is no indication that the promoters of this ICO understands what it means to “open the commerce market to cryptocurrency” as there is no course of action mentioned in the whitepaper that shows that line of action.

Basically, the whitepaper featured:

  • Ability to convert coins from one to another
  • Ability to trade and swap coins with other users
  • Ability to store and disperse coins within the safe and secure CryptFillCoin platform
  • Ability to privatize or publicize any account info user feels relevant
  • Ability to send/receive invoices, send/receive payment in your favorite form of cryptocurrency
  • Full UI will be available to provide detailed statistics, reports and other pieces of information
  • All transactions conducted in the CryptFillCoin platform will be instant.

None of these is novel, spectacular or outstanding in the crypto industry because there is nothing in the framework that has not already been a project of better companies in the industry.

So they cannot be the reason for selling tokens, neither is the course of the project capable of causing any significant crypto adoption.

That the Cryptfillcoin team is incapable of creating a platform that solves any meaningful problem for the crypto industry and society is not the main reason why you should not invest in this ICO. The team has proven to be dubious.

In its introduction, the site further stated:

“Having an easy way for business to exchange fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies of individuals and vice versa is virtually rare, and with our team and experience we believe we can accomplish this effectively and securely. Our aim is to create an environment of trust, and safe operations for all users.”

One denominator of all scams is the “need to create trust”. It seems that all scam ICOs cannot afford not to give investors the impression that they are either trustworthy or want to create trust on their platforms.

Essentially, they are saying, “we are trustworthy” just to put the investor at ease to send them money.

Every scam ICO seems to do that: just lump in some ideas on a whitepaper, put in some of the magic words such as decentralized, blockchain and trustless and have investors beat a path to their wallets sending them money.

Who is Behind Cryptfillcoin?

initial coin offering reviewWhenever you want to know if the promoters of a project are scammers, aside looking at the concepts vis-à-vis competence, an identity search will give you the clearest insight whether you are dealing with scammers or not.

Scammers use different methods to conceal their identities. They may use stock photos from the internet or cartoons or even blank pages of social media.

Others do not link to any social profiles while the more daring ones will link to social media of people who do not know anything about the scam project.

Another feature of scam ICOs is that they will quickly change the team photos and profiles when it becomes obvious that reviewers have seen through their fraudulent intent.

The Cryptfillcoin team recently changed the names and profiles of the team. This is a clear indication that this is a scam considering that the change was made after it was discovered that the team used fake profiles in the previous IDs.

The team changed from Caucausian men and women photos looking unprofessional to just two Africans men. The other team members have no profile pictures. 

initial coin offering reviewThere are no guarantees that the new team is authentic. In any case passing your money to a scammer is as good as flushing them down the toilet.


The Cryptfillcoin ICO absolutely has nothing to offer the community. That in itself should warn investors to avoid it but the fact that it is promoted by scammers means every investor should keep off this ICO. You can bet that money paid for this token is lost.

Have you invested in this project? Let us know your experience at the comment section below. If you suspect any project to be scam please let us know here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

2 thoughts on “Initial Coin Offering Review: Cryptfillcoin Launches An Irrelevant Scam

  1. Thank for this great read. I started reading this article not knowing anything about Cryptfillcoin. After reading it, I feel I know quite a lot about this company. I do have a couple questions:

    What is a UI?
    What are fiat currencies?

    Thanks again for sharing this material. Great investigative skills on this company. I actually laughed out loud when reading the part about the employee pictures and profile changes.

    1. Hi Olympia. UI is taking about user interface or the part of an app or website where the users operates and interacts with the platform. Fiat is normal money that we use everyday like US dollar, Chinese yuan or Euro.

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