Instant BTC – Diversified Investment Or Another Scam Site?

Instant BTC

Investing in cryptocurrencies for anyone who has no experience is daunting. There are thousands of assets that have been launched and many of the altcoins are practically worthless. Instant BTC is one of those sites that claim that it is possible for people to earn bitcoin by investing directly on the site.

However, bearing in mind that there are risks involved in random investment in sites, it is important that we analyze the site so that you could make decisions based on reproducible information.

What is Instant BTC?

Instant BTCInformation provided on the site states that this is an investment company involved in trading of forex, stocks and binary options. It claims that it has a group of professional traders involved in these and has been making profit consistently.

It stated that it caters for investors of all types and ensures that portfolios are diversified to reduce risks and make profit.  According to the site:

“To achieve this, we push the boundaries in foreign exchange & currency trading and also apply new trading strategies to make remarkable profits possible. At, we aspire to always create value for our investors and it is certain that with the help of our company investors can get more benefits.”

Despite these claims, there are gaps that show that the company may not be what it claims since there are many sites that are launched with the intention of stealing people’s funds.

A background check shows that you may not proceed with investing on this site due to these red signals explained in the rest of the post.

No Registration Evidence

The company claims to be registered in the UK by the Company House, the agency responsible for listing businesses in the UK. However, it did not present evidence to show that this is true.

In any case, being a registered business does not make a venture legitimate. There are thousands of businesses registered by fraudsters with the sole aim of using them to defraud people.

Incomplete Address

Instant BTCAlthough it is not expected that a shady business would provide a real address, where people could locate them, those that do actually give false addresses. But in the case of Instant BTC, the address provided is incomplete.

This could be intentional or an oversight. No matter the reason, what is obvious is that there is no genuine link between the business and the address provided.

Easy, Safe, No Risk?

Instant BTCThis is the motto of Instant BTC and a reason why you should be wary of it. In reality, no investment is risk-free as seen from this article from the Securities and Exchange Commission website:

“Most fraudsters spend a lot of time trying to convince investors that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can’t miss.” Don’t believe it.”

No genuine investment site would claim that your investments are without risks.

False Duration of Operation

We broached this issue with the Instant BTC support pointing to the fact that this is a possible scam, but got this response:

“How can you see site that has been paying investors since 2013 and have over 1000 registered investors online and you are leaving [sic] in doubt”

We had to take that up since that is an audacious claim. A Whois seach showed that the site domain was purchased on April 16, 2018, so it is not possible that it has been paying people since 2013 as claimed by the support.

Instant BTCClaiming lengthy period of operation is a strategy employed by scam sites to elicit trust among potential clients.

Fraudsters are aware that people tend to trust sites that have built online credibility so they claim they have been in business longer than they really have to gain trust and investment funds.

Plagiarized Content

No genuine investment site would copy any part of its website without attribution as done by Instant BTC. What does that say about the integrity of the people behind it? The best explanation is that they are not people you should trust ordinarily, talk less with your funds.

A search of the Rules page shows that it was copied from another site and edited as shown in the statement:

Instant BTC

“You agree to hold all principals and members harmless of any liability. You are investing at your own risk and you agree that a past performance is not an explicit guarantee for the same future performance. You agree that all information, communications and materials you will find on this site are intended to be regarded as an informational and educational matter and not an investment advice.”

High Yield Investment Scam

Instant BTCInstant BTC offers their clients a very unrealistic investment returns. For instance, its basic plan purportedly pays 20 percent in 24 hours. Higher plans pay up to 300 percent in days, which is not in tandem with any investment market.

This means that the high returns is aimed to be used as a bait to get investors send their funds to the scammers. The summary is that any funds sent to this site would result in losses.

Fake Deposits and Withdrawal Table

It is now almost standard practice for scam investment sites to create bogus deposits and withdrawal tables to give visitors the impression that people are actually making withdrawals of their profits and that more deposits are coming in.

No wonder the site talks about liquidity:

“At, we aspire to always create value for our investors and it is certain that with the help of our company investors can get more benefits. Have you ever asked yourself why currency traders are provided with high liquidity? It is because one of the major benefits of trading currencies is its massive trading volume. We tap into this uniqueness of the forex market and use it to its advantage and at the same time share it with our investors.”

However, believing that your funds are safe because of this is wishful because it is not.


All random and unverified investment sites are very risky to deal with. This means that sending your funds to a site just because it claims it could double them in hours or days isn’t a smart decision.

To invest wisely, you must use a regulated site that has known managers. Sites that hide the identity of their owners such as Instant BTC should never be trusted. Here is our top recommended investment site.

What are your views or experience with Instant BTC? Please let us know using the comment box below. Do not forget to share this post and help folks protect their funds.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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