Instant Gain – The Work of An Expert Fund Manager?

If you’re seriously considering investing your assets, you would have come across a number of online platforms that claim that they could effectively manage your funds and make profit.

Instant Gain is one of such sites and in this post, we shall examine what the company promises with the hope that you would gain proper insight and make the right investment decision.

There actually is no need to be in a hurry to send your hard earned funds to third party managers without making appropriate research because it is the quickest way to losing your funds in this sphere.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, more platforms have been set up that make it easy for people to make gains, while scammers have also taken advantage of this innovation to exploit the gullible.

If you’re thinking of investing with Instant Gain, this analysis would give you insight into the category of investment site that this company falls under.

What is Instant Gain?

Instant GainThis is a company that claims that they are involved in cryptocurrency investment for high net worth individuals whom they classified as private investors.

The company which was registered in the United Kingdom stated that it has been operational for 3 years within which it has mastered the art of trading in cryptocurrencies.

It appears that it actually started receiving investment funds from investors before it honed its skills in the trade according to the information on the site:

“ is a private online cryptocurrency investment company that has been legally registered in United Kingdom in 2016. Previously several years we provided lucrative investment services to private clients and have honed our knowledge of how to do business with a small attracted capital.

Within that period we have formed our own trading strategy in different markets with the elements of high financial security. The main goal of our work is the safety of funds, and only the following our task is to make high profits”

Learning With Investors’ Assets?

Instant GainFrom the foregoing, it is obvious that this is a company that doesn’t seem to know what it is doing but still eager to ‘manage’ the assets of investors even without appropriate skills, hoping to learn along the line.

This is not the only observable risks with this site though. The rest of the review would help you decide if it is worth risking your funds with this site.

Faked Identity of Owner

Reputable investment companies don’t have misgivings about letting the investors and the general public know who runs things in such businesses. They’re aware that this is the best approach in gaining the trust of the investors and building a reputation for their businesses.

When a company is unwilling to reveal the identity of its managers, it is an indication that they have something to hide and should not be trusted.

A look around the Instant Gain site shows that the identity of the owner was intentionally concealed. The fact that a company is hoping to manage the funds of people should be a motivation to show a high level of transparency.

It’s not acceptable and borders on irresponsibility to expect investors to send their assets to complete strangers behind a website. Things just don’t work that way. However, we decided to probe further using information submitted with the UK Company House.

Instant GainWhat we found out is that the company had listed WILKINS Kyrie as its director. A search of this individual shows that he is not a genuine person associated with this company.

The site simply used a faked personality as its director knowing that many investors never investigate before making investment decisions.

Deposits But No Withdrawals

Instant GainHow would you react if you find out that the site that you just invested your funds with is a one-way deposit channel with no provision for paying you back your funds? This is the impression you’d come away with if you cared to check up the FAQ page of this site.

It is interesting that the owner answered all the questions they asked on the page except the one about making withdrawals which was left blank. This may have been an oversight but speaks volumes on what may be the intention of the business.

Sending your funds to this site would result in losses. This is speaking not just from experience but the evidence on ground.

If you’re wondering if there are genuine investment sites, keep reading…

High Yield Investment Scam

Instant GainNow consider this: how about investing $1000 with me and by tomorrow, I’d send you $2000 does that make sense to you? Why would I pay you double your investment in 24 hours when I’m not a charity? This is similar to what Instant Gain promises its investors.

Its investment plans vary from 120 percent ROI in 24 hours to 300 percent in 2 days. What we need to understand is that fraudsters are aware that there are many people who are interested in the no-work, much-gain concept, so they take advantage of this mindset to lure people into sending them their funds.

You need to know that no one would randomly double your money for you. Considering that everyone would have gone for such opportunities, no one would be poor if things work that way.

To make gains, you need skills or the skills of reliable people. At the end of this post, you shall see a site that would help you accomplish just that.

How Long Has It Been Online?

Instant GainThe instant gain website claims that the business has been operating since 2016. But investigations show that the domain was purchased on June 25, 2019. This means that the site has been online for 4 months and not 3 years.

Fraudsters tend to want to create the impression that they have been online doing business longer than they actually have been because they’re aware that people trust sites that have built online credibility over time. This is the same reason crook clone reputable sites.

Fake Online Data

Instant GainAll the data on the site are false as seen below. A 4 month old site claims that it has received deposits valued at more than $11 million. It also claims that investors have withdrawn more than $66 million, yet it could not prove that it is even in business talk less how it generated such funds.


According to SEC, the reason fraudsters are daring is that many investors do not conduct research on investment offers before parting with their funds. Genuine investment sites are regulated and licensed by relevant authorities.

They are not unknown random sites that could steal your money and disappear the next day. You can check our top recommendation for investments.

What opinion do you have about Instant Gain and similar sites? Please share them using the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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