International Chamber of Commerce Partners With Blockchain Startup

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC ) expressed its willingness to build a relationship with the Blockchain industry with the aim to advance cross-border trade financing.

The ICC which was established shortly after World War II has acted as a bridge allowing smoother trade for its members while overseeing business activities. The organization recently announced that its blockchain alliance will result from forthcoming collaboration with players in the industry.

ICC Interested in Blockchain

The body announced a collaboration with Perlin, a startup specialized in blockchain and currently in the process of launching its platform.

This collaboration fundamentally aims to use the distributed ledger technology to support supply chain and cross-border finance. It believes that the leverage of the innovation will enhance commerce between member countries of the organization.

Perlin will also be a direct beneficiary from this partnership since they will have the opportunity to test their platform with premium members. ICC boasts membership of organizations like Amazon, Coca-cola and others. The proposition hopes that they will be able to adapt their product to certain requirements taking advantage of the technology.

Perlin and The ICC Agreement

The ICC for its part will be positioning itself as a medium, linking its members to the Blockchain platform. They should be able to profit from this collaboration since the Blockchain startup will join the ICC member board.

In the agreement signed by the two entities, it was made clear that the ICC will help the startup in its process of recruiting and reaching new clients, introducing them to company members of the organization.

Perlin’ blockchain is similar in design with Ethereum. The platform relies on decentralized distribution in the development of tracking mechanisms and storing values on the blockchain.

This collaboration will be of mutual benefit to all parties involved as they take advantage of experiences of each partner. This is particularly true for Perlin which wants to leverage available networking effect on its platform as it  launches of its token PERL in the upcoming month.


Author: Chris Mharc

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