Investor demand for ETH Staking yield drops off


The Ethereum blockchain validator queue has emptied for the first time since the Shanghai upgrade in May, indicating a leveling off in investor demand for ETH staking. This observation was highlighted in a recent research report by Coinbase.

Validators verify transactions by locking up ether in exchange for rewards. The Shanghai upgrade, which took place in May, allowed for the withdrawal of staked ether for the first time. With the validator entry at peak capacity in recent months, staking yields have dropped to 3.5% from more than 5%.

Analysts David Duong and David Han from Coinbase wrote,

“The yield on staked ether provides a floor for the crypto ecosystem, providing a benchmark for alternative crypto investments”. 

Q3 network activity remained stable

They further added that if underlying activity and transaction fees remain consistent on the network, they expect the staking yield to remain flat now that validator growth has slowed.

The report also noted that activity on the Ethereum mainnet remained stable in Q3. It stated,

“With no major Ethereum protocol upgrades until Dencun, which is likely to occur in the first half of 2024, we see no major technical drivers that would meaningfully impact onchain activity – barring major new protocols or egregious hacks”.

In conclusion, the emptying of the Ethereum blockchain validator queue signals a potential shift in investor behavior towards ETH staking. While this could be seen as a sign of market maturity, it also underscores the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency landscape and the need for investors to stay informed about these changes.

Author: Grace