IOHK Plans An Update To Resolve Daedalus Bug

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Users of the Cardano daedalus wallet have complained in the past few weeks of being unable to access their funds due to one issue or the other. Almost everyone was having Daedalus issues despite the Cardano platform’s reputation as having some of the best developer teams in the industry.

 IOHK are releasing an update at the end of the week to resolve connectivity issues associated with the wallet. A recent release stated that there are fixes and workarounds on which users should watch out for.

It stated that the easiest thing the users of the wallet should do if they do not want to implement the workarounds is to just restore their daedalus wallet on testnet Yoroi (as seedwords work on either wallet).

Interestingly, Yoroi seems to be giving users some challenges as seen from the Google Play store reviews. Here’s this from one Dale Cutler:

“I also get the message saying API error, try again later. I do not understand what to do to correct this. I tried deleting the wallet and re-installed Yoroi wallet. I can see my mainnet ADA but if I try to see the Testnet ADA I get the Error message saying it encountered an API error and I should try again.”

Users hope such errors hopefully would be taken care of in the upcoming update.

Author: Chris Mharc

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