IOTA, Dell Technologies, And The Linux Foundation Work On Data Confidence Fabrics Project


IOTA is one of the most active blockchain projects. The platform recently formed a partnership collaboration with Linux Foundation through IOTA Foundation under their LF Edge platform. It is part of the IOTA vision of making its protocol adopted outside the IOTA ecosystem.

It also signed another MoU with FIWARE Foundation and yet another with Dell Technologies through its collaboration with Linux Foundation making the platform one of the fastest growing networks in the blockchain industry with regard to applications and real time use cases.

It announced on Monday October 28, 2019 that it has agreed with Dell Technologies for the development of a codebase known as a Data Confidence Fabric (DCF). The project will be hosted under the Linux Foundation under the name of Project Alvarium (latin for beehive).

The release seen by Cryptoinfowatch called the project a “milestone for open source development on distributed technologies, digital trust, data privacy and confidence in data,” stating that most electronic systems and their data are currently disconnected and fragmented, in fields like mobility, energy, construction, and home electronics. It maintained that the system is primed for change which will be instigated by Project Alvarium.

What is Project Alvarium?

Project Alvarium is about creating intrinsic trust across several systems and channels. Trust is what blockchain is about and the IoT platform has been working on thrusting this feature on devices across board in every sector imaginable. The essence is to build trust across platforms from the point of generation to the operational platform. This would find use in operations, database integration, process control, telecom, and supply chain which currently operate without trust.

The project would also determine the confidence that could be reposed in the incoming data by analyzing where it is coming from, where is it going to, who has access and what relevance it has for application or use case

“Project Alvarium will completely redefine the way we view data and transparency, as well as improve the way every single industry handles privacy,” 

said Jason Shepherd, Edge and IoT CTO, Dell Technologies. 

“By creating the industry’s first method to deliver data with measurable confidence, we will fundamentally change how individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities alike manage, share and monetize their data efficiently at scale, all while maintaining privacy based on terms they establish.”

The project would allow industry leaders to interact in a way that build trust. For instance, council leaders can use the platform to understand the data from their city without compromising the privacy of resident.

“Data Confidence Fabrics address three inherent and often conflicting challenges within the massive debate over data — how to keep control in the hands of the owner, how to allow for its public use and which data to trust,” 

said Dominik Schiener, co-founder, IOTA Foundation. 

“I am confident we will see widespread adoption of this technology which will change the way we consume, trust and use data in the future.”

What is the role of IOTA?

IOTA hopes to be the connecting link in the project that manages the innumerable devices that would be involved in this Data confidence Fabric.

 “Trust in data is increasingly important in today’s organizational environments. Project Alvarium is coming at an integral time as the intersection of control over data, transparency and privacy touch just about every single organization and person. IOTA’s inherent trust layer was developed specifically to address these challenges, and we look forward to the technology being a core enabler in the Data Confidence Fabric,”

 said David Sønstebø, Co-founder, IOTA Foundation.




Author: Jofor Humani

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