IOTA Germany Express Belief In Coordicide

IOTA Germany believes that Coordicide is the ace that will bring about the MIOTA price surge in the value of the IOTA token.

IOTA is an Internet of Things solution that has its headquarters in Germany. It is structured on a distributed ledger system known as “Tangle.”

This digital currency was created for the emerging “Internet of things market.

What makes IOTA so unique is its ability to function in a manner that distinguishes from a regular blockchain.
It requires no transaction fees, has unlimited scalability, speed of transactions is very fast and the Internet of Things structure its built on, makes the transfer of data between participants fast and secure.

Previously, IOTA operated on a Centralized framework known as Coordinator which functions on centralized network system that limited the worth of the IOTA.

IOTA is set to begin a decentralized network system that will function within the Tangle algorithm framework. This decentralized network system is Coordicide.

It will revolutionize and make it possible for IOTA users to mine MIOTA( the IOTA token) and take advantage of the Tangle framework. The implication of this is that participants will no longer have to pay any fees or do the things that regular blockchain users do. They can simply rely on the machine to machine principle Coordicide will implement to transact with MIOTA.

Currently IOTA is preparing to release an upgraded version of Coordicide which when implemented may see a Price surge in MIOTA by leveraging on its IoT system thus making it possible to perform 1000 transactions per second  and  ultimately increase the value of the MIOTA token.

Another reason why Coordicide will ace the Price surge of MIOTA is that the release of the Upgrade will coincide with the bullish market situation in the Crypto world thus attracting more users to IOTA’s decentralized network through Coordicide.

This is based on information provided by one of the IOTA foundation leaders Mr. Carmago.


Author: Godwin Okon