IOTA HITS All-Time-High: Is The Planned NFT Market Entry Responsible?

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Investors Have Taken Notice

The excitement was palpable on Sunday, especially on Twitter as MIOTA, the IOTA internal token surged to an ATH.
IOTA’s NFT Platform, The IOTA NFT Marketplace recently announced that its MVP phase has been concluded. The platform is no doubt keying into the rising demand for non fungible token collectibles, which is another billion dollar market.
In a recent update, the platform wrote:

“Thanks for the testing and the helpful feedback! We track all bugs and improvements we received from you and improve the marketplace to make it even better.”

This is sequel to the inputs that the platform has received following a solicitation for its community members to send in their observation and suggestions at what they expect from the NFT market platform. The platform is open even to suggestion of a new name for the marketplace.

It added that it will run the implementation of “Smart Contracts into the marketplace and integrate Browser Wallets to make the NFT trading secure.”

According to IOTA NFT Marketplace, it already has a 200,000 member community awaiting the launch of the network’s NFT platform.

Meanwhile, the IOTA token, MIOTA had a successful month in September, a recent 36% gain in the value of the token has gotten investors talking. Some are now speculating that the coin could trade as high as $200, in a few months, taking bearing from the coin market’s surprise of the year, Solana. The MIOTA’s market price is $1.43. The main furor about IOTA by investors who have drooled over the asset was the result of the coin attaining an all-time-high (ATH) of $1.4960 on Sunday, October 10.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency exchange, FXT has announced a new policy which would make the exchange to list all NFTs that do not distribute royalties.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.