IOTA Introduction To The Chronicle Solution


IOTA, the permissionless platform engaged in internet of things recently announced its new data storage and query solution. That platform stated that this takes care of the limitations imposed on low storage devices of some users.

The release stated that even though anyone can secure data on its Tangle technology, those users with low storage capacities have faced limitations for what it called resource-controlled devices.

Due to the fact that these storage spaces fill up quickly, the platform had introduced the IOTA local snapshot to aid the users delete older transactions and free up storage spaces.

This solution though has been temporary since there are many users that want to keep their data long term. This has led the foundation to work on a permanode as solution to this challenge.

This IOTA permanode called Chronicle allows users to store data in a fast, scalable, secure and distributed database.

 “The solution enables the storage of unbounded data flow of the Tangle making it queryable.”

IOTA NewsThe Chronicle was described as fault-tolerant permanode designed on the Elixir/Erlang ecosystem.

The release stated that what makes Chronicle unique is that node owners can offer a query service in which people could access Tangle data and pay with the IOTA token MIOTA.

The so-called “query as a service” would enable “querying a quorum of internal and external nodes the absolute truthfulness of the data could be ensured.”

The Chronicle would be integrated with the platform’s software, Bee after being ported with the Rust programming language on which Bee, its next generation software runs on.

A third party audit is also expected for the Chronicle soon before it would be declared production ready. This is to make sure that is hack proof just as the Trinity wallet.

The IOTA community has been enjoined to be a part of the ongoing work to further extend the functionality with the promise of rewards with the development and promotion of the permanode notion for IOTA.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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