IOTA News: Senior Executive Thinks IOTA is A Game Changer


There are projects that show their uniqueness from the outset mainly due to the concept behind them. IOTA  is one of such with its revolutionary Tangle technology. No wonder Brian Marcel, who has been a high ranking senior executive with decades of entrepreneurial experience, is the latest member of the project’s advisory board.

A recent blog post by the IOTA team stated that Marcel, who set up a joint venture that operates in five former Eastern Bloc countries is a leading barcode and enterprise solutions mobility expert. He is the chairman of IBCS group who has been involved with keeping abreast of the latest technologies that could be of interest to the group.

He came across IOTA in his quest to discover the latest trend and business models that would enhance enterprise solutions for his customers. He said that he was searching for ways around the blockchain limitations of speed, scalability and cost, when he stumbled on IOTA.

“I came across IOTA and the Tangle which looked vastly superior. I reached out to them as I needed help with developing a proof of concept for one of my customers. This would start us on the road to offering the Tangle as a Service and move our barcode and RFID solutions onto the Tangle”

he said.

His enthusiasm on the IOTA project has shown in the involvement of his company as a go-between for IOTA in the quest to create awareness for the DLT while helping customers to quickly adopt the technology. On his appointment as an advisor, he said:

“I am delighted to join the Advisory Board where I can hopefully introduce IOTA to a number of my customers and suppliers. Using my experience in introducing barcodes over the past 40 years can take some of the mystique out of the Tangle, making it more customer-friendly.”

The IOTA team is glad to have Marcus on board. The platform’s quest for talents has again been illustrate. This would no doubt keep the project in the frontline among crypto projects.



Author: Chris Mharc

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