IOTA Partners With Caer Sidi To Bring Tangle To Gaming


The IOTA Foundation has continued to make giant strides in its quest to bring the Tangle based DLT to many industrial uses. The Foundation recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Caer Sidi Limited.

The partnership would have IOTA bring the Tangle technology to the gaming ecosystem at the instance of Caer Sidi. The collaboration was shared to the community through a blog post by the company which it stated that IOTA based protocol would be used in the games and applications of the company.

The real use cases of IOTA have proven a model of sorts in the industry with its Tangle technology gaining adoption across industries. Caer Sidi on its own part is an example of a distributed ledger technology in gaming with its suite able to be harnessed by third party developers.

The company announced its interest and eagerness to harness the IOTA protocol in the development of industry relevant features in its day to day activities.

“We are sure this Memorandum of Understanding is the start of our successful win/win partnership.”

IOTA Gets New Team Member

In a separate development, the IOTA Foundation has welcomed a new team member. Clint Walker would join the Supervisory Board of the foundation. In a role in which with conjunction with Richard Soley would have oversight function over the IOTA Foundation.

The role with is meant to guide the foundation will also ensure that it operates within the ambits of the law. Walker, who recently retired from Barclays Bank Delaware is an attorney with years of experience in compliance.

Speaking about the new role at IOTA, he said,

“I believe that IOTA has the very real potential for radically transforming how machines and people interact with each other in a way that will create a new paradigm for conducting business. Whether it is the enablement of novel business models through microtransactions, the cooperation between new and traditional legal frameworks, or the creation of solutions to some of society’s thorniest issues,(e.g., environmental, medical) and everything in between, such as smart contracts and smart cities, IOTA can make this interconnected world a better place. I am excited to join the team and play my role in helping make this happen.”

The foundation is confident that his legal and financial background would help guide IOTA into the next phase of expansion in North America.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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