Is Fortunejack A Panicky Casino That Doesn’t Pay Big Winnings?


If you’ve been betting with cryptocurrencies, you would have come across Fortunejack because it is one of the oldest crypto casinos around. However, there have been several allegations of scam against this casino, especially when big winnings are involved. We have done a review on Fortunejack in the past, but the string of accusations implies that we run another review to ascertain if this casino is intentionally stopping the payment of winnings due to running into panic mode when the amount involved is really big.

The latest accusation against Fortunejack involves more than 800 XMR. What is concerning is that the best history of the customer was deleting. We are not directly raising a scam accusation against Fortunejack since the support may be working in the background to resolve the issue and as soon as the customer intimates to us that the issue has been resolved, we shall also update the readers on this.

Fortunejack Background

Fortunejack has been operating since 2014. We remember that this is the year Mt Gox, the Canadian exchange, was hacked. The implication of this is that this is one of the casinos that should elicit confidence among punters using digital assets. So we wonder why stating that this is so is misleading.

Fortunejack Terms of Service

Before stating some of the allegations against Fortunejack, a look at the company’s Terms of Service (ToS) shows that the customers were made aware of the fact that these terms can be updated at a moment’s notice and still take effect. Nevertheless, there is no indication that there could be arbitrary cancellation of winnings based on the whims of the company. This is despite the portion of the ToS which we render marginally here:

The Website allows You to use our Gaming Services. The Company reserves the right to either partially or entirely suspend, modify, remove or add to the Services in its sole discretion with immediate effect and without any notification to You. We encourage You to check for such updates, available on our Website, periodically and be updated if any of such changes are made by the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any loss suffered by You resulting from any changes made and You shall have no claims against the Company in such regard.

This of course does not in any way imply that winnings shall be cancelled based on whims since we know that this practice by any casinos is dubious at best.

Latest Allegation On Fortunejack

According to a user on BitcoinTalk, Paperwallet, they won a total of $120,000 after playing for a while on Fortunejack, but before he could make a withdrawal, his betting history was deleted by the casino. Also, more than half the amount he won was deducted.

Just look at the screenshots and see how 120,000 dollars disappeared from my account. See how the bets went from pending to win to lost!!!!

What we have noticed is that crypto gambling is getting really popular, this is why there are many new platforms set up daily. However, when people start having issues with most of these casinos is when they actually win big. It is as if the casinos enjoy making gains when the players lose but wouldn’t want to fulfill their obligations when the player wins really big money.

Support Desk Reaction

When he contacted the Fortunejack support, they assured him that they would get back to him in 24, but didn’t do that even after 28 hours. This also raises questions about how reliable even the big crypto gambling platforms are.

It is important to note that the games that Paperwallet played are sportsbook games that are very popular and there is no reason why Fortunejack should hesitate in paying him. According to Paperwallet, the casino actually rejected several of his bets when they realized that the monetary obligations if he won were high. They finally approved a bet which he won. Perhaps, they were expecting him to lose.

In the span of one hour, I’ve been trying to make bets on every sort of event, always the underdog team because I want higher odds (which were each time rejected because of max limits). When I finally got lucky placing my bet I won…. Now they participated in that luck since they rejected those previous bets and I would have lost them. Now that they finally accepted these bets, it’s time for them to pay up.

Some Questions For Fortunejack

Why did the casino delete the betting history of the player after he won a huge amount? Is it not an indication that the casino doesn’t honor wins that are huge and actually deny that the player actually made the bet? If Paperwallet hadn’t screenshot their betting history, they wouldn’t have had evidence of the underhand practice of Fortunejack.

How many players have Fortunejack treated this way?

In responding to the accusation, Fortunejack drew the attention of the forum members to a section of its Terms of Service which gives them the discretion to cancel bets when the player has placed more than one of the similar bets. According to Fortunejack, in such cases, only one of such bets would be considered active.

Now considering that the company permitted the bets to be placed in the first instance and the fact that they waited for the outcome of the bets before nullifying them, what would they have done if the player had lost all bets?

Why Not Cancel Similar Bets?

We believe that this is a lousy policy designed to cheat the player. Fortunejack insisted that the winning is more than their maximum of 100,000 euro. Another question begging for answers is why the casino would approve a bet knowing that the outcome if favorable to the player would exceed their maximum bet payment?

Casinos conceal some of their terms in a way that the players are not constantly made aware of them. We believe that such terms should be pinned on their Sportsbook page so that the player is aware of them before placing bets. The issue of similar bets would not have arisen. Also, the company should never approve similar bets if they know they won’t be paying winnings resulting therefrom.

Another forum member, dkbit98 had a similar opinion and even raised an issue regarding the similarity of the bets placed by Paperwallet:

We can’t see if the same user posted those bets (username is hidden 100%) but even if it is the same user he used different amounts of coins for betting so that can’t be considered as identical bets.

One thing I don’t understand is why you deleted and edited his betting history without any explanation, and I guess the only reason for him doing this split betting would be to bypass your maximum payout limit per bet.

Manipulation of Terms of Service

What we have noticed is that it is easy for casino owners to interpret ToS to suit them. This much was explained in the comment made by Paperwallet:

Now let them explain why they canceled the bet. Is it because the max win exceeds 100,000 euros? No. Their system already caps the max possible win amount per bet. And their system recognized these 2 bets as different. Is it because they are the same bet? No. They had plenty of time to cancel those. The bet was “cancelled” immediately after the bet was OVER. It had been cancelled BECAUSE Lille won the first half of the match against PSG. Does their terms state that bets be cancelled according to results? I don’t think so. That’s where bad faith is involved and malicious and perverse interpretation of their terms is involved. You can basically do anything with those terms and cancel any two bets that involve the same event but are different.


Fortunejack is an old crypto casino, so issues such as deleting bet history should not arise. This is one of the casinos that a lot of crypto users trust, so it is important that they maintain a good reputation and not create the impression that they shift the goalpost after the games have commenced.

They should also make rules more obvious by pinning them where the players are made aware of them. Finally, bets that do not qualify for payment should not be approved.

On the other hand, players should get conversant with these terms to avoid issues such as winning more than the maximum amounts that can be paid.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.