Is Nexo Blocking Withdrawals for No Reason?


Otteroooo, a crypto scam reviewer on Twitter announced yesterday that Nexo may be restricting withdrawals. They cited a number of angry users are complaining that they have not been able to make withdrawals from their Nexo wallets.

Otteroooo said that delayed withdrawals can be be seen from several complaints on Trustpilot, where many users are complaining of withdrawal requests that have not been processed for days.

A look at the Trustpilot page of Nexo shows that a user, Josepha Day accused the company of theft. In his review posted 3 day ago, he wrote

“Thieves you will get nothing in return.”

Another user, Bazeet, from Norway wrote 2 days ago:

“It’s a honey pot trap. Be careful. It’s been over 24 hours and I still haven’t seen my crypto withdrawal.”

He added that his withdrawal request at Nexo has been pending for 36 hours and said that he wouldn’t even “deposit my underwear here.”

Staged Reviews?

However, most of the accounts that complained that they were unable to make withdrawals had few reviews to their names. There were also several counter reviews that seems to want to make sure that the negative reviews didn’t cause panic among Nexo users.

One of the positive counter reviews was from Jamie NS, who said that the negative reviews are all new accounts and bots with no history of reviews. He also said that Otteroooo is not trustworthy.
Jamie continues,

” If you go into the profiles of those that do have more than one review who have left a bad review in the last few days ALL of their reviews that they have done are against Nexo and all negative! So even the accounts with several reviews are total Scam and FUD accounts!”

Response To Otteroooo On Twitter

On Twitter, some Nexo users also countered the post of Otteroooo, whose account seems to have been restricted. According to FlyingDutchman @DHattuma, he made a recent withdrawal from Nexo without issues.

Another Twitter commenter who frowned at Otteroooo’s post on Nexo is MD3K | md3k.eth
@Meekdog3000. They wrote:

“Just withdrew a good chunk of USDC from Nexo, complete within 3 minutes. Otters are cute, you are not.”

Another comment from Matthew Betts shows that Nexo withdrawals have no issues, he wrote on a July 24 Twitter post,

“I just made a withdrawal from Nexo I had no problems”

Meanwhile, it seems that Otteroooo’s Twitter account has been sanctioned by Twitter.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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