IT Linker – Another Scam Lures People With Free $10

IT Linker

There are thousands of sites built daily with the intention to make people believe that it is easy to make money on the internet. The fact is that the way people are making money online is not really different from the way they are making it offline when they have a block and mortar office. A close look at IT Linker shows that the site redirects to another. Yet it is promising participants free $10 for registering.

Interestingly, the site it redirects to promises the investor they would make quick money too. One thing we have realized through the review of scam investment sites is that they always use unrealistic claims to lure people to get involved in whatever they are trying to sell. Furthermore, what they sell are bogus ways of making money that make money for no one except the owners.

In this post, we shall review this site to show you reasons to avoid dealing with it. For an investment site that you can trust, check here.

What is IT Linker?

IT LinkerThe site didn’t describe what it does to make money but emphasized that it is an affiliate site. It is a wonder how it hopes to give out free $10 to everyone that signs up with it when it could not even explain how it hopes to make the money.

According to the site,

“Our company is an absolutely unique affiliate program that has no competitors or analogues. We are open to users around the world. We are actively developing and we want your income to be higher! We treat every visitor as a valuable partner and look forward to productive collaboration. To get high income, we offer a huge amount of tools!”

If you’re an experienced investor, you would know that scams never really explain what they do but want you to believe that just by signing up and making some deposits. Money would drop into your wallet.

The site claims that it would help users optimize their profit, promising that they could earn up to $1000 every month. A site that could not explain what it does to make money is promising that a user would earn money. This should raise suspicion that you’re about getting defrauded either in time or money.

Using Fake Testimonials

IT linker

Fraudsters want investors to trust them so they do anything that would engender trust even if it means lying and using false data to convince people. IT Linker posted three testimonials with accompanying images of the testifiers. However, experience has taught us that no one would use their genuine identity to advertise a scam so we conducted a search on those images. The result can be seen in the images below.

The owner of the IT Linker site actually stole the identity of people from the internet to misrepresent their testimonies. This is a dishonest approach to business that no genuine investment site would do. It is certain that IT Linker is a scam site that should be discountenanced.

You can see that Alex Murphy, the so-called freelance developer’s image was culled from the internet, most probably from a stock photo site. The same is applicable to Jack Mcgee and Amelia Simpson who were designated Technical developer and florist respectively. This is not surprising because fraudsters are aware of the importance of social signal. People tend to believe that the experience of others would be same as theirs while making investments. This is why fraudsters fake these testimonies to make you send your funds to them.

IT Linker

IT Linker

IT Linker


You can see that the site’s domain was registered in 2019 but the identity of the owners was not shown. It is interesting that they want people to believe that people would send their photos to a site that did not indicate the identity of the owners. Well, there are people who get deceived into sending their funds as well so we should not underestimate the abilities of scammers.

If you’re serious to invest your funds or digital assets safely, you should never do that with sites that just popped up on the internet, especially those whose owners are not known. Genuine investment sites must have owners whose identities are not in doubt. They should be regulated and registered by the relevant regulatory agencies. They should also have online and offline reputation. Then you should check real reviews of people who are already using the services of such sites.

There are many genuine investment sites, but the one that we recommend would help you through its copy trading platform. Essentially, this entails copying the trades of expert investors and getting the same results as they. This is a good way of building your asset portfolio. You can check our top recommendation here.


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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

9 thoughts on “IT Linker – Another Scam Lures People With Free $10

  1. Well to be honest I was tempted to join this, so I did and even send referrals.
    My reason for doing it was that I have nothing to loose as there is no joining fee. I only use my data which I happen to use daily anyway.

    So to be on the safe side I did not give the account number of my everyday use, I gave the one which I know I use once in a long time and this account has no money in it I case they plan on stealing from me.
    Month end came then boom I can’t log in anymore and can’t reset the password then I knew something is fishy here. Well I lost nothing apart from time and data.

  2. Whewwwww
    I already made $400 dollars in the IT linker
    But when I want to withdraw
    I was redirected
    And logged off

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