Japan and Australia Continue to Make Giant Strides in Crypto Adoption for Travelers

Crypto enthusiasts in Japan may soon be able to move around the nation paying their way with cryptocurrency. Airport taxi services and luggage storage facilities in major urban areas adapting to using cryptocurrency pilot services. It is just a matter of time before the country establishes itself as the hotbed of digital currencies as far as adoption is concerned. 

The operator of a nationwide luggage storage company and an Ethereum ERC 20 protocol announced they are partnering with stores, guesthouses, tourists data centers and storage facilities in Tokyo and Osaka.

The new service also has presence on the island of Hokkaido – a melting point for local and global travelers. The project has received a lot of support as many small businesses consented to partake in the pilot scheme.

In the scheme, tourists will be able to settle their travelling and lodging expenses in cryptocurrencies instead of Japanese yen. 

The operators say their token, NinjaCoin, has as of late been listed on British exchange platform Mercatox. 

Japan and Australia Continue to Make Giant Strides in Crypto Adoption for Travelers

Airport Pick-up Service in Crypto

Bloomberg stated in one of its publications that Hinomaru Limousine, a Tokyo-based airport pickup service with over 500 vehicles has enrolled  on a three-month pilot scheme in which clients can pay for services in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum at Narita and Haneda, the nation’s two busiest airports.

The scheme is supported by Remixpoint, the operator of the Financial Services Agency operated by Bitpoint. 

Remixpoint is one of Japan’s biggest energy companies. The firm announced last month that it would start incorporating Bitcoin payment into its platform. It went on to incentivize making payments with Bitcoin by offering discount to such clients. 

Peach, a Japanese budget airline declared that it planned to start accepting Bitcoin payment for its tickets although a year later, the carrier’s crypto pay service is yet to materialize. 

Even with its giant stride, Japan is not the only country that has made substantial inroad in crypto adoption. The country though has continued to be an example of innovation adoption with respect to digital currencies.

As announced in October, Australian authorities have given approval that will see cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance put $2.5 million into TravelbyBit, an Australian crypto startup.

Crypto Friendly Airports in Australia

This will make it possible for travelers to make payments at and around the airports using cryptocurrencies. Australia has since last year worked towards creating crypto-friendly airports starting with the international airport at Brisbane. 

At the launch of the project, authorities stated, “Travelers from everywhere around the world are now able to pay utilizing cryptocurrency at Brisbane Airport, the world’s first cryptocurrency airport.”

It has been the hope of many crypto enthusiasts that the US would take a cue from these far eastern countries in not just leading the regulation quest for Bitcoin, but its adoption also.


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