JRNY Club launches the first-ever NFT art Museum in Las Vegas

JRNY Club debuts JRNY Gallery

JRNY Club has partnered with crypto expert and NFT collector Tony Spark to debut the JRNY Gallery, a first-of-its-kind gallery dedicated to NFT art in Las Vegas. When it opens to the public early next month, the gallery will be the first-ever physical NFT art gallery on the west coast.

Inside the high-tech museum

The 3700 square feet museum has several facilities, including a high-tech gaming room with over 100 monitors, all for displaying NFT art in super-sharp 4k resolution.

There’s also an exclusive gaming lounge for investors and individuals with JRNY Club passes. According to the club’s creative director, John Villari, JRNY Club also plans limited-edition collaborations with crypto influencers and celebs.

Entry to the facility is free – JRNY Club

According to a tweet announcing the development on the JRNY Crypto Twitter handle, the gallery will be free for public entry when it eventually opens. However, individuals must prove their ownership of a JRNY Club NFT pass to access the high-tech lounge for interactive experiences.

Apart from the JRNY Gallery, a JRNY Club NFT Club lets members access Ignis Orbis, an NFT analysis tool. It also gives them exclusive access to the platform’s discord community and comes with loads of partnership benefits. The club also boasts many ongoing projects that it plans to make exclusive to JRNY Club NFT pass holders.

JRNY Gallery facilitates passion for crypto, NFTs

While announcing the museum’s launch, JRNY Club Creative Director John Villari touted the facility as an environment that facilitates an environment for people passionate about cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

“It’s really about facilitating an environment where people with a shared passion for crypto, NFTs, and community can collaborate, engage, and socialize on a meaningful level,” Villari said in the statement.

The gallery will open to the public in June 2023, Wednesday through Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm. It’s located at 1029 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, Downtown Las Vegas.

Author: Raji

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