Kirkfelt Review – 52-Day Old Scheme Making Scammers Rich

Kirkfelt Review

Kirkland and Felt version 2.0 is defined as a low cost mining operation that makes its profits through mining and trading using some advanced skills. In this review, we are going to look at how safe your investment is assuming you decided that Kirkfelt is for you.

Background Checks

According to the site, Kirkfelt was founded by two individuals, John Kirkland and William Felt. The fellow that mentioned the scheme to me on Facebook said that the founders are well-known. This gave me the impression that this could be a genuine retail investment for cryptocurrencies so I decided to check it up.

The first this I did was run a background check on the founders who were said to be experts in mining and trading of financial instruments. You could imagine how disappointed I was when nothing showed up of these so-called founders.

In fact, there is no sign anywhere that these are real individuals running a legitimate business online or off. No social presence, no form of licensing with any authorities whatsoever. This gave me the impression that the person or people behind the project intentionally hid their identities. Now why would they do that if they are doing something that is not against the law?

The answer is that the Kirkfelt scheme is not exactly what you term a legitimate business. Now check this:

“Kirkland & Felt is composed of John Kirkland and William Felt, both well experienced in their respective industries. Mr. Kirkland is a proprietor of a Bitcoin mining operation since 2011 in Iceland,”

No doubt, Iceland is a miner’s haven but something didn’t quite add up. The above describes someone who is an experienced miner since they’ve been mining since 2011 when the mining difficulty was quite low.

No Record of 8 Years Mining Veteran

A mining farm in Iceland operating since 2011 would be well known because it would be among the most prominent considering how much profit it has made these past years. So why is there no record anywhere of John Kirkland?

Also why is a farm that has mined bitcoins for 8 years suddenly interested in more investments from people? In 8 years of operation, it should be competing with large miners such as Bitmain and not involved in a shady project like Kirkfelt.

For the other partner Felt, the site said:

“… and Mr. Felt has been in the stock market trading since the mid 1990’s. With the industry of trading evolving through the years, his expertise has been put well in good use in the crypto currency trading market since 2016.”

Now the question begging an answer is why two experienced veterans in their fields would suddenly decide to set up a Ponzi scam. This is clear indication that the information about the founders of the project is false.

Why is this Another Scam?

According to the Kirkfelt site, the company makes profit irrespective of the market condition. They claimed that they are not called experts for nothing. Could you imagine professional fund managers saying this? An experienced financial analyst knows that no professional would make such boasts on their site. This is clearly a sales pitch written to give investors a sense of security to deposit their funds in the scheme.

High Interest Yielding Investment

Kirkfelt has three investment plans with the least among them promising to pay 7 percent daily for a minimum deposit of $10. The tenure for this plan called Max Trade is 20 days.

The other plans are: High Trade Duration – 28 days Minimum investment – $10 Maximum investment – $100,000 Interest – 155% after 28 days Mining Plan Minimum Investment – $10 Maximum investment – $100,000 Duration – 20days Interest – 1.25% daily.

You wouldn’t need persuasion to realize that this is another scam that is paying older participants with the payments made by the new sign-ups. This is why there is emphasis on inviting new participants as seen with the program’s referral system.

The 52 days old project has a three tier affiliate program that pays commission ranging from 1% to 7%. The site lists payments it has made to investors however there is no way to verify that this list is authentic. It may be random names and numbers so do not be fooled.


Scammers are inventing smarter ways of convincing people to part with their money. They are aware that the easiest way to accomplish this is by taking cue from legitimate companies. They thrive because there are many investors that do not research and double-check before sending their funds to strangers.

Kirkfelt may pay some investors depositing little amounts but those that trust them enough with bigger amount may not get their money or the expected interest. What do you know about Kirkfelt? Please share your experience in the comment box below.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

4 thoughts on “Kirkfelt Review – 52-Day Old Scheme Making Scammers Rich

  1. Give me the site of a legal Cryptal currency firm because l have been a victim twice.

  2. They are not paying. Now they have started a new website 2.1 claiming that they will restore the accounts not paid in the previous website, but 1 month has already gone and we did not received any payment yet (both me and other friends of mine).
    Up to now is scam. If money will come back I’ll let you know.

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