Lazur Pro – The Lure To Mine Bitcoin is Real

Yes, the lure is real, that is why sites like Lazur Pro are in business in the first instance. One common denominator among all people is the drive for money.

The internet has created a platform through which people are making a living legitimately and illegitimately without the need to step out of their houses. Billions of dollars change hands with the payer having little inkling of the persons behind the web to whom they send money to.

That is why many scam sites thrive and a reason why you should conduct due diligence before investing in any site irrespective of how promising and enticing the offers are.

What is Lazur Pro?

On this post, we shall look at Lazur Pro, a site that claims to mine bitcoins for investors and help them make profit. The essence is to know the viability of this business and the possibility that the investor would make any money.

Funny Claim of Mining Dollar$

Lazur Pro

The site claims that it mines cryptocurrencies for its investors. Interestingly, while listing the coins it mines, it mistakenly added dollar as a coin. This shows that the people behind this site are not thorough or are not professionals as they claimed.

The coins listed are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, dogecoin and of course dollar. I wonder how you mine dollar for people.

Unproven Claim of 6 Yearsof Operation

It further claimed that it has been in operation since 2013 so we made a Whois search which showed that the owner of the domain has used a privacy service to conceal the time of registration.

This is rather curious. A company that claims that it has been in mining operation since 2013 has a lot to be proud of, so why should they hide the evidence that they are telling the truth.

There can only be one reason for this. This site is not transparent and should not be trusted. I wouldn’t invest with a company that has something to hide or one that cannot prove its claim that it has been in business for a long time.

Lazur Pro

Who is Behind

A certain Benjamin Shayan whose photograph was displayed on the site presumably is the owner of the company. We ran a background check on him and found out the name associated with Lazur Design Limited, an entity registered with the Company House, United Kingdom.

Stolen Identity

Lazur ProSince the site has features of a scam, we used reverse engineering to investigate the profile picture of the so-called Benjamin Shayan since it is unlikely that a scammer would use their real picture in a scam site.

Not surprisingly, we found that this site used a stock photo pulled from the internet as the founder of the mining company. Obviously, what they have done is use the name of a registered company and name of its owner in a bid to steal cryptocurrency deposits from investors.

What Does Lazur Pro Promise Investors?

Lazur proLike all scam mining sites, Lazur pro is selling one year mining plans starting from $1 to $5000 with accompanying daily profits up to 7% daily. Ordinarily, this is enough evidence that this is a scam site since such high ROI is not sustainable.

7% ROI is 210% monthly gain. You should know that any HYIP is a certain scam since there is no possibility that such income is guaranteed.

What scam sites such as Lazur Pro do is entice investors with huge profit to make them buy their fake mining plan. The purpose is to steal investors’ funds.

Is Lazur Pro Registered?

Lazur ProIt obviously is, however, we have learnt that registration does not preclude the fact that a company can be dubious. It is possible that crooks could use third parties or even fake documents to register companies that would be used to defraud people.

The certificate displayed belongs to Lazur Design Limited which was registered in 2013. It is possible that the fraudster has been using this company for nefarious activities before deciding to use it to back their scam mining operation.

Fake Mining Farm

Experienced investors usually demand that miners provide evidence that they are genuine. Proofs come in forms of photos or visits of mining farms. This is the only way to prove that companies are actually involved in mining operations.

Lazur Pro being aware of this used some faked photos of a mining rig on its site. This should not fool an experienced investor, however, it is possible that some may think that it is worth considering when they see such photos.

This is why we have put in effort to research through this site to convincingly show that Lazur Pro is just another scam mining site.

A Fake Office Address

You do not expect that the office address provided by the company would be real, do you? The address: Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Fulham London SW6 3JD was recently advertised to be rented. It is likely that the owners of Lazur Pro saw the advert and used the address as theirs.

Lazur Pro


Lazur Pro is a nasty scam. All the information on its site is unreliable and intended to deceive investors. The profit calculator was meant to give people the impression that they would make gains on the site.

The chart of depositors and people that were paid are all façade. This is why every investor should conduct proper due diligence before parting with their funds.

Most mining sites are scams, especially when they promise high returns on your investments. Bitcoin mining is very challenging and breakeven period on genuine investments is close to a year. So always be wary of sites that promise you riches for investment.

This is why we recommend that you invest in regulated companies that have proven records of helping investors make money.  Check here for our top recommendation.

Have you had experience with Lazur pro? Please share your views in the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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