Lexit: Rewarding Creativity Through Blockchain

The idea of having your creation built into the blockchain would have pushed the limits of imaginations a decade ago, but not anymore. This is because Lexit is poised to be the to-go launchpad that enables all inventors and creative entities to quickly build their creations into non fungible tokens. All these are done through a codifying feature that comes with all the support that the inventor needs to monetize their creation.

What Problems Do Lexit Solve?

Most creative individuals and groups are aware of the challenges associated with the monetization of their inventions. This is compounded by the fact that such inventions may need a lot of marketing funds before the target users become aware of their existence. This limits the exposure of such inventions. Consequently, the creators may not be motivated to work on future projects since they have not been rewarded for creations that they may have put in thousands of hours of work to create.

Inventors, artists, authors, game makers and script writers for screenplay and more are in the category of creative people that mostly need some leverage to bring their creations to the attention of the target market. Accomplishing this is no mean task since many of these entities may not have the necessary budget to hire marketing agencies or big corporations that have what it takes to sponsor their projects.

How Does Lexis Work?

Lexis has created a platform that enables anyone that has created anything worthwhile to put them on the blockchain as a NFT. Also, the platform has a community around it that ensures that such projects are promoted using the Lexit launchpad which gives interested parties the opportunity to participate in the project.

The whole essence is to support the inventor or artist by helping them move their NFT into the market through the platform, which simultaneously gives users valuable NFTs that could meet their needs. 

What is The Benefit of Using The Platform?

Lexit was built with creators in mind. The main benefits associated with the project include:

Ease of coding an art, invention or creation into a non-fungible token (NFT).

Platform support that helps the user to promote their NFT to a large community of interested users.

Free access to the platform or launchpad pending when the invention succeeds.

Consistent support and assistance from the platform community.

A community that helps the creator gain access to the ready market. 

More About Lexit

Lexit DeFi Pool

In a bid to have all its services on the same platform, the project introduced the Lexit DeFi pool. This pool is accessible to any user of the platform. All they need to do so is staking some liquidity. Apart from users, other projects in need of liquidity are free to make use of Lexit’s liquidity pool. 

LexNet Protocol

This is Lexit’s own blockchain built based on Ethereum and forks of it. This blockchain features smart contracts and a validator pool. With a hashrate of 32,000 TPS, the developers also ensured that this is a scalable blockchain.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.