Lisk v3 Mainnet Migration Takes Place August 24

The much anticipated Lisk v3 mainnet migration would occur on August 24. This was revealed by the Lisk team via a blog post monitored by Cryptoinfowatch. According to the release, the migration would occur on the block height of 16,301,501. Consequently, all dependencies of the platform are ready for production.

It further stated that the development would lead to a lot of improvements in the protocol, adding that it is the next phase in the development of the Lisk network. The primary benefit of the migration is the implementation of interoperability on the Lisk network.

It however is clear that the exact time of the migration is dependent on factors such as the rate of production of new blocks on the Lisk network. It is important to note that all advancements of Lisk SDK 3.0.0, 4.0.0, and 5.1.0 will be implemented on the mainnet.

The pre-migration selection of delegates takes place until the 16,363,301 block height, which is expected to be attained a week after the v3 mainnet migration. Consequently, the application of votes would be applied from one week after the mainnet has been run for a week. This is to ascertain that the network is performing as expected as the team implements necessary changes.

Mainnet delegates currently involved in the network are expected to upgrade full nodes to Lisk core 3.0.0. This is essential if they would continue to forge blocks after the Lisk v3 mainnet migration.

 Among the security implementations of the migration is a delay in migration after the expected block height. An additional 201 blocks will be added to the full node in the course of blockchain reorganization as a security precaution.

The release stated:

“We estimate that the whole process will take about two hours to complete. Transactions happening after the above-mentioned height in the Lisk Core v2 blockchain will be ignored for the genesis block computation, i.e., they will not be migrated.”

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.