Londonminer – A Practical Investment to Earn More or Lose All?


One of the facts of life is that if everything you read on internet about making wealth is true, no one would be poor. But the question is

“Are they true?”

When you look at the number of sites claiming they could help you earn cryptocurrencies such as Londonminer, you’d start wondering why we do not have more crypto millionaires.

Scams Thrive On Ignorance

The reason is that there are so many people out there who know nothing about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, so there is a massive scam sub industry that has been built around the cryptosphere. These scams thrive because there are people who believe that you can mint cryptocurrencies out of the air.

What is

From the name of the site, it could be deduced that this is a site that is associated with cryptocurrency mining. Although the site stated that it is into fund management, there is no doubt that the intent originally was to create the impression that it is bitcoin miners behind it.

According to the site,

“ offers an additional type of earnings, which is based on so-called practical investments. This is a kind of trust management, which will become your reliable source of income after joining for years.”

In reality, there are many sites that promise so much but deliver nothing. This is why we always warn people never to trust any site just because of the web copy. There are many scammers out there that would post anything on their sites in the quest to get you to part with your money.

No Commercial Activity

As you can see with the statement above, there is actually no indication that Londonminer is into any commercial activity that could earn them money talk less of having profit to share with their investors. “So-called practical investments” is rather opaque and useless as far as making you profit is concerned.

An Appeal to Your Ignorance

The site seems to be aware of this and added more content in the bid to convince you. This is why it added,

“If you still don’t understand anything in financial processes, but you want to receive strong passive income, the company is happy to offer you its service! Since the appearance of the blockchain, we carefully study the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and try to find a modern application of our knowledge.”

That is what we term appealing to your ignorance. In effect, the operators of the site are hoping you’re ignorant enough to part with your money just because you need profit. They’re hoping you’d just send the funds and ask questions later when it’s already too late for you to recover anything.

Claims Massive Profit

The next section of the site actually attempts to tell you what they’re doing to make money. Here it is,

“Several years of practice in the field of trade in currencies and metals on Forex allow us to operate with a similar ease a really massive portfolio of cryptocurrencies. is participant of trading on many crypto exchanges, which expands the diversification of risks and reduces the possibility of any losses. Since 2018, we are in profit and show excellent financial performance!”

Interesting, isn’t it? So here are fellows that have been in profit since last year. So why do they need your funds since they have everything tied up?

No reason I guess…

They Want Tou to Just Make The Deposit

But they want to give you reasons why you should still make the deposit. says one reason you should get involved with them is their lucrative affiliate program in which you could earn money by referring some dumb people who do not know what to do with their money. Convincing such people to part with their hard earned money gives you some profit.

Owner’s Identity is Unknown

They said most of their clients recognize them as experts in the financial service and trading sectors. However, they did not even introduce themselves so how did the clients know them.

Scammers such as those behind are walking contradictions. How did the Londonminer clients know their ID since they have carefully concealed their identities? – A Site of False Claims

londonminerAll information provided by is clearly false. From the claim that it has been operational for more than 340 days to the list of depositors and withdrawals are all false claims meant to deceive the investor. Anyone that makes the mistake of making deposits on this site will lose their money.

A Whois search shows that was registered on February 14, 2019. This contradicts its claims that it has been online for 340 days.


The claim that it has received deposits of $32.5 million and that users have withdrawn $25 million is false also. The owners of the site are aware that many investors are incapable of making proper background checks, so they readily make claims to deceive the gullible.


Scam sites such as thrive because there are many greedy people that believe anything they read online. For instance, Londonminer claims that it could pay ROI of 300% after 24 hours of making a deposit. This means that a deposit of $1000 would yield the depositor extra $2000 the following day.


How could any sane person believe that is possible? Where would the scammers get the money from? It takes common sense to identify scams. Some scam sites may even pay early small investors some money to convince many others to make deposits. However, anyone dumb enough to make big deposits lose their money without the possibility of any earnings.

Your best bet is to avoid scam sites like There are better sites that could give you profit. These are sites that are legitimate and have built online reputation. Check our recommendation.

If you’ve used before, please share your experience in the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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