Marilyn Munroe’s NFT launches on OpenSea on Thursday, February 23

The mint pass for the Marilyn Munroe project, Modern Muse, will launch on OpenSea on Thursday.

The Marilyn Monroe Estate has announced a partnership with Zeblocks to launch an NFT. The collectible, Modern Muse, which has a mint pass at OpenSea, brings to life the famed actress’s charms and times. Zeblocks said that the use of cutting-edge technology makes the art stand alone and will captivate collectors in the world of digital art.

The collaboration with the renowned artist is the first time the estate of the Hollywood star will bring her image to the digital art sphere. The announcement said that the Modern Muse will launch on OpenSea on Thursday, February 23.

Timeless beauty and undeniable talent

Zeblocks are not new to generative art. The artists have successfully launched three series, establishing themselves as authorities in the NFT space. In their comment on the upcoming Marilyn Monroe NFT, they said,

“We are deeply grateful to the Marilyn Monroe Estate for entrusting us with the privilege of working on such an iconic and beloved figure. “Her timeless beauty, undeniable talent, and enduring legacy continue to captivate and inspire generations, and we are honored to play a role in preserving and sharing her story with the modern world.”

The statement said that the NFT is highly anticipated because of the traits of the beloved actress. It has been described as having “timeless appeal.” People who want to learn about the actress and routine collectors would be attracted to the iconic figure’s non-fungible tokens.

Onboarding non crypto users to NFT

One of the objectives of the project is to create more awareness about NFTs by leveraging the reputation of an admired personality such as Marilyn Munroe. People would be able to collect the Modern Muse even if they do not have cryptocurrencies. They can do this by using a normal bank card. This strategy has been used to make collectibles more accessible to collectors who are not crypto enthusiasts.

“The project aims to onboard new members to the NFT community by allowing NFTs to be purchased with a credit card, providing a new and exciting way for people to experience and interact with digital art.”

On February 23, OpenSea will make the mint pass available. It guarantees a mint for the Modern Muse, which has a collection size of 3,333.

Modern Muse has been described as groundbreaking by Zeblocks, whose innovative approach to NFTs has distinguished them in the space.

The project has the backing of Authentic Brand Group (Authentic), which is a brand marketing and entertainment firm behind more than 40 iconic brands. It works to create connectivity among brands through partnerships using its global network. Brands that it has worked with include Marilyn Monroe®, Elvis Presley®, Muhammad Ali®, Shaquille O’Neal®, David Beckham®, Dr. J®, Greg Norman®, Neil Lane®, Thalia®, Sports Illustrated®, Reebok®, and others.

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