MEC Investments – Quick Money Sometimes Backfires

MEC Investments

What would you do to make money fast? You’d probably think of getting a job or trying the casino, but there is little chance that either would make you fulfill your dream. MEC Investment is one of those sites that claim that you could get rich just by signing up with them and making an investment.

Well, you should know by now that money doesn’t work that way because if it does, there’s no reason anyone would be broke. So in this review, we are going to see what this site is, what the owners promise and how best to approach online investments safely and actually make profit.

What is MEC Investments?

MEC InvestmentsThis is a company that claims that it is registered in the UK. These days, it seems to the country of choice for online investment companies.

The company stated that it started in 1999 even though it provided no evidence to buttress that. It stated that its investors have the opportunity of benefiting from its experience as a stock and forex trading company.

The site claimed that the people behind it are professionals that came together to create a program that is a sure way of making profit for the company and their investors even if such investors know little or nothing about investment.

According to the site, opening of positions by the company is painstakingly done ensuring that the risks are minimized, however since they are working with substantial capital, the profit is always reasonable.

Our team works together to strategically open positions while profiting from their long-term investments at the same time. When you invest with MEC INVESTMENTS LLC, you no longer have to worry about your investment, because you will get your 0.8% profit per day.”

Is This Platform Reliable?

There are few tests with which to know if a site’s offering is reliable or not. Considering the propositions of MEC Investment, there are no assurances that you could make profit by investing in this site.

MEC InvestmentsOne of the signs that an investment site may not be what it claims is the sort of returns it offers. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission website,

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Compare promised yields with current returns on well-known stock indexes. Any investment opportunity that claims you’ll get substantially more could be highly risky. And that means you might lose money.”

From what MEC Investment promises its investors, this is clearly the case. 0.8 percent daily returns is equivalent to 240 percent monthly.

Considering that the company’s investments have 18 months tenure, this is enough time for anything to happen. Certainly, the outcome would not favor the investors.

Guaranteed Profit?

Experienced investors are aware that there is no such thing as guaranteed profit. In fact, it is against the rules of investment for a company to promise such returns.

It means that they are misleading the investors because they just want them to buy into the company’s investment plans.

MEC Investments

Here is another statement from the SEC website:

“Guaranteed returns” aren’t. Every investment carries some degree of risk, and the level of risk typically correlates with the return you can expect to receive. Low risk generally means low yields, and high yields typically involve high risk.

If your money is perfectly safe, you’ll most likely get a low return. High returns represent potential rewards for folks who are willing and financially able to take big risks.

Most fraudsters spend a lot of time trying to convince investors that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can’t miss.” Don’t believe it.”

As you may have noticed, the MEC Investment site clearly stated that it is a “Trusted Company & Guaranteed Profits” claiming that has built a reputation and has records of such accomplishments.

This, instead of a disclaimer is a red signal that every investor should be wary of. It actually tells you that the people behind this company would do anything to make you invest with them, even if it means cheating or cutting corners.

Office Address Not Linked

MEC InvestmentsAside claims that the company is registered in the UK, there is another that it has its office somewhere in London. According to the site, the office address is at 5 Harbour Exchange Square, Isle of Dogs, London E14 9GE, UK.

A search of this address shows that it is not unique to MEC Investment. In fact, it is a office space managed by another company. The office is available for rent until recently. Since MEC claims that it has been around for some time, it should have been linked to that address in searches if it operates from there.

So the company has no actual operational activity going on there. This means that if something goes wrong with your investment, you would have no recourse in terms of recovering your funds.

Unrealistic Referral program

MEC InvestmentsMEC Investment despite offering a high and unrealistic ROI has a shady referral program that offers more than 30 percent of the client’s funds to the referrer.

This means that the company claims to give away one-third of the investor’s funds to the person who referred them. Who does that? That is definitely not a reliable business. In fact, its objective is not in the interest of the investor.


Sending your funds to random sites is a quick way to lose them. This is why you should never do that. Reliable sites are usually the regulated ones that have built reputation over time. Also, the owners of such sites are known so they have no reason to break the law.

You would not say the same thing for MEC Investment which is just a shady attempt at stealing people’s money. For a good investment site, check our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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