MEDICA.AI : What to Know About This Scam ICO

Introduction is a project that plans to build an ecosystem that would enable a secure infrastructure for storing medical records.

The ICO website describes the project:

“With a Globally Compliant Healthcare Blockchain & DApps for Electronic Medical Records, Medica is building a new healthcare ecosystem that enables a secure dApp infrastructure for storing health records.”

The site also announces that the project would be a platform on which dApps for medical needs and records would be built.

What is the State of the Project?

medica ICOAccording to the site, the ICO commenced its presale on September 28.

That stage is meant to generate $5 million. A sale stage is planned for January 7 in which the promoters are hoping to raise $15 million.

Pros and Cons


The website is a smart-looking one apparently set up by fellows who knew exactly what they are doing.

The project is so well-explained that many review sites have been deceived into giving it high rating: the very objective of the scammers behind this project.


It is hard to estimate the percentage of ICOs that are scams these days. What is obvious is that it is substantial.

Another obvious fact is that scammers are getting smarter and more sophisticated that it takes a lot of hard work to get them before they cause much harm to investors.

A good example of a well-orchestrated ICO scam is

Who Are Behind icoAs usual, when investigating an ICO, the first thing we check is the people behind it. Are they real identifiable people or some phantom group that has created another exit scam?

The Medica team like all scams presented fake IDs for their team members.

The current ICO website of the project has one director. There were three directors in the original website that was archived.  These directors are Ling Zemin, Gustav Tessier and Yao Delan.

Of the three, only Delan is left on the site as the team quickly deleted the first two directors. You’d wonder the reason?

They are pictures of random people stolen from the internet and used to set up the phantom ICO.

medica ICOLing Zemin, the Medica Director1 used the picture of a guy named Stephen King. King is an artist and photographer. He is also the board governor of Chinese international School.

medica icoThe picture of the Medica Director2 called Gustav Tessier belongs to another person whose name is Dean Sprindle.

Sprindle is a professional golf coach and teacher.


The fact that the team behind it cannot be tracked or located through any means is an indication that investors in this project would definitely lose their money.

Aside other factors such as plagiarism and obscure vision, one sure way of detecting a fraudulent ICO is checking the team behind it. They would almost always use fake IDs because they wouldn’t want to be caught after stealing investors’ funds.

The reason scammers are getting more daring is the fact that they’re aware that there are many investors that will never do a background check on ICO teams. If you’ve been searching for a good investment platform, check my recommendation.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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