Million Money – A Pyramid for 1500 ETH in 100 Days

Have you come across a site that gives you guarantee that there’s no way that you’d lose your money if you invest in it? Million Money is one of such and it is even more interesting in that the site claims that its operations which are worked into the Ethereum smart contract guarantees that participants earn up to 1500 ether in 100 days.

Perhaps you’re excited at the potentials, after all, everyone wants easy money, especially if it involves a one-time deposit which would enable you relax and let the money start flowing in. However, it makes sense that you view this site and similar sites through proper perspective so that you do not place your expectations too high or even end up wasting your time.

What is Million Money?

Million MoneyThis is a site that promises its participants that they could earn more than $200,000 in ether by investing and promoting the scheme. The site has taken advantage of blockchain and cryptocurrency terms to give people the impression that it is a surefire way to earn this 1500 eth every 100 days by recruiting other affiliates. It is a peer-to-peer donation platform that has entry point of 0.03 eth or the equivalence of $5.

How Reliable is This Site?

There are many users who actually believe that it is possible to earn 1500 ETH with a one-time investment of 0.003 ETH, but in reality, this is near impossible except for only one person – the owner of the site.

You have to understand that scams come in various forms. One someone sets up a site like Million Money and puts his Ethereum wallet on the top of the pyramid and market the site as one to make everyone rich, their intention is for all those people to start promoting the site and bring people who would directly and indirectly send funds to him through the scheme.

Like all matrix sites, this project is neither sustainable nor able to keep up with the tempo and inflow as the owners promised because all pyramid schemes crash. The reason is that you cannot get enough people to support and sustain it. Some early participants may actually get paid but most will never get anything because they won’t be able to recruit enough people to pay them.

Million MoneyIt is obvious that sites like this only benefit their owners but they never make it plain to the intending participants because they’re interested in growing the number of people sending donations to them.

The site claims that with an already-made team, you could earn $300,000 every three months with the flick of a switch. Do not believe it.

Who is the Owner of The Site?

Dubious sites never reveal the identity of its owners for obvious reasons. What we know about this site is that its owners are Russians. In fact, you need to have Google translate it to English before using it.

That the owner of the site is not known means that you cannot trust this site with your funds. In fact, doing so is at your own peril since your investment is at risk.

Entry Levels for Investment

There are several entry levels available for participants. This means that those that think that 0.003 ETH would make it difficult for them to reach the 1500 eth target could go for higher “Buying Levels” such 0.05 eth, 0.1 eth, 0.4 eth and 1 eth. Te owner of the site is eager to have the participants buy higher levels since they would love income if their referrals purchase a plan higher than the referrer did as seen from this:

“ATTENTION! LOST PROFIT. If you have not bought the level that your partners buy from you, the payment goes up to the upline from which you should have bought the level. Carefully monitor the growth of your structure and pre-buy the level that they will buy from you so as not to miss your profit.”


It is quite interesting that the site claims that it has no administrator. This is possible because the smart contract has already been coded. This would not stop the owner from getting the funds generated by participants. You should not be deceived by this because the site can still be pulled down and you’d have no recourse.

All matrix investments and donation sites are not sustainable. They are essentially scams meant to enrich the owners and so should be avoided. Genuine investment sites will not make you rich overnight, but they’ll show you how to grow your funds through good techniques. The site that we recommend is a social investment platform where you grow your assets through copy trading and other investment opportunities. You can sign up here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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  1. This is such a terrible article. Am not sure if you studied Million Money Smart Contract very well, cos if you do, you will know that the site holds no money. All generated funds are directly transferred into the user’s personal wallet.

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