MillionDollars Casa – Would You Become An Overnight Millionaire?


MillionDollars Casa is one of the latest sites that are promising investors a lot of profit if they buy their investment plans. In this review, we would look at the site and its merits as well as the demerits to enable each investor make informed decision on the site.

There are hundreds of sites that are launched daily in the quest to take advantage of people’s ignorance and greed, especially in the cryptocurrency industry. This is why even ICOs have contributed in the losses investors have incurred. This is why we advise that you read through what we have on this site before thinking of investing.

What is MillionDollar Casa?

The site claims that the company behind it is a British registered concern that has been involved in multiple currency trading in the forex market. It also asserts that it is involved in trading of stocks in the capital market and offers the investor an opportunity to make profit using its investment platform.

MillionDollarsCasaThe platform which claims that it is entering a new phase in it business development vision stated that it is currently involved in fintechs and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets.

It claims that in its operations, it has mapped out strategies to enable investors to earn profits with the company since it is already in profit. In other words, MillionDollars Casa is opening its doors for its investors to partake in its revenue by purchasing the investment plans of the company.

Who is Behind the site?

Even though the site listed many companies it claimed have endorsed it, there is no evidence that this is so since there is no indication on the site of the people behind it. The assertion that it has been endorsed by Company House cannot be ascertained since it provided no certificate.

In any case, registration by Company House does not even mean a stamp of legitimacy, since there are many sites that are registered for the purpose of scams.

Authorization for financial services is needed. That and proof that a company has a regulatory agency overseeing its operations are the prerequisite for an investment company that is safe to entrust your funds with.

However, despite the claims by MillionDollars Casa that it has been approved by companies such as Trustwave, GeoTrust and others, without providing any evidence to buttress that claim, the fact that it is not a regulated company means that investors are risking their money in a possible scam.

We are certain that making deposits on this site is high risk for a number of reasons which we shall see as we proceed in this post.

What Are the Investment Plans?

The investment plans provided on the site could have it classified as a daring scam. In case you’re not yet aware, one attribute of scam sites is that they generally use high returns on investment to lure potential victims into buying their investment plans.

MillionDollarsCasaThe scheme has 7 investment plans with the least of basic plan offering 300% in just 10 minutes. As asinine as that sounds, we are aware that there are investors who would be tempted to try this out.

If it is possible to have someone or a mechanism by which your funds could be tripled in just 10 minutes, no one would be poor. Imagine a site claiming that they’d send you $300 for investing $100, not in 3 months but in 10 minutes. Yet this is not their premium plan.

The highest plan offers up to 720% in 40 hours. That is higher than any investment plan that we have come across for any scam site. We do not need to re-emphasize that sending your digital currency to any addresses provided on this site would result in irretrievable losses.

Why You should Be Careful

Random sites like MillionDollars Casa do not really have authorization to sell financial services. These sites just take advantage of the anonymity of the web and the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized monetary instruments.

 They know that these digital assets have no central regulatory body overseeing them, so it is easy to get payments but difficult to retrieve the funds when they’ve been sent. Tracking funds on the blockchain and linking them to the holder takes expertise. Even when you do track them, it requires international law enforcement efforts and high costs to get the person that received the cryptocurrencies.

This is why you must not send your funds to random sites just because of the claims that they made on the website.

Scammers are aware of their intentions to steal investors’ funds, so they mostly appeal to emotions to be trusted knowing that they are not reliable.

According to the MillionDollars Casa site:

“Trust us with your money and enjoy stable profit. Share the word of mouth and make benefit of our lucrative referral program where you are able to earn referral commission from every client registered under your referral link. Thank you.”

Do you think that a legitimate site would appeal to be trusted knowing that it has no trust issues. This site obviously has this problem and so must appeal to be trusted.

Plagiarized Content

MillionDollarsCasaScam sites almost always do not craft original content. The scammers routinely copy the content of their sites from other sites as seen with most of the web copy on the MillionDollars Casa site. You can see that a plagiarism test on some content on the site returned zero uniqueness.

False Stats

The emphasis of some of these scam investment sites is on recruitment. This is why they offer referral commission in their affiliate programs. The reality is that it is morally wrong to promote a scam. The danger is that even if you got people to enroll, the scam owners may never pay you or even shortchange you. After all, they’re still scammers.

Most of the stats showing deposits and withdrawals are likely false stats. The interest is just to get people feel that this is an active site where people are making money. Do not be deceived.



Never send your cryptocurrency to a ponzi site or any random site that promises it would help you make more money. Your cryptocurrency is valuable, so you guard it very well and not let thieves steal it.

There are better ways of growing your assets. There are regulated investment sites where you could invest and be rest assured that your funds are safe. This site enables you grow your assets under experts. It is our top recommendation.

If you have views on MillionDollars Casa, please share them using the comment box below.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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